Inadequate Sleep Now Linked With Pleasure Loss in Teens

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( — December 20, 2022) Orlando, FL — Various research studies in the past have shown that sleep has various effects on the body. Unfortunately, since the pandemic hit, more and more people struggled to get adequate sleep. 

A study has shown that lack of sleep can impact mental health and may trigger anhedonia or loss of pleasure. It may also lead to anxiety and anger as well as significantly increase the odds of depression. 

This global study that involved over 350,000 teens was published in Sleep Medicine Reviews. 

Due to the Covid-19 self-isolation requirements, screen time has undeniably increased and sleep routines changed. Such changes happen to people of any age, including teens. 

The findings of this research highlight the link between less sleep and a 55 percent increased chance of mood deficits. It also doubles the odds of a lessened positive mood. 

“From Asia to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and North America, sleep clearly was a modifiable risk factor that can improve or depress mood in adolescents,” says Flinders University sleep researcher Dr. Michelle Short.

“Sleep duration significantly predicts mood deficits on all mood states, including increased depression, anxiety, anger, negative affect, and reduced positive affect,” she adds.

It is worth noting that less sleep was associated with an 83 percent higher chance of anger, 62 percent increased risk of depressed mood, and 41 percent increased risk of anxiety.

“Fortunately, there are many interventions individuals, family, the community and even public policy can encourage to maintain regular sleep in this at-risk population to reduce the likelihood of these problems spilling over into mental health issues needing clinical treatment,” she further explains.

Studies looking into the impacts of sleep and its relevance on health continue to pile up. It is important to realize that while sleep issues are widespread, there are actually many remedies found to be particularly helpful to individuals who are sleep deprived.

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