Seattle Sugar Exfoliating For Men & Women, In-Person Spa Walk-In Service Updated

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Seattle, WA luxury spa Penelope and the Beauty Bar (206-438-1750) is updating its skin care and body treatment services with customized sugaring exfoliating treatments for men and women. Walk-in appointments are also welcome.

The newly updated menu of services utilizes traditional sugaring methods to professionally exfoliate the skin. Superior to home remedies, the in-person sugaring treatments at Penelope and the Beauty Bar are as effective on men’s thicker skin as they are on women’s skin, and are especially recommended for individuals with sensitivities, scarring, and fine lines.

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According to the Academy of Dermatology, sugar scrub exfoliation has been shown to renew skin for a brighter, smoother appearance. The experts at Penelope and the Beauty Bar now offer unisex sugaring exfoliants that cleanse and regenerate the skin to increase cell growth, optimize turnover, and improve hydration.

While sugaring is primarily a hair removal treatment that abates the regrowth of unwanted hair, sugaring can also be used anywhere on the body to naturally remove dead skin cells. The glycolic acid found in sugar is a primary alpha-hydroxy acid that seeps into the skin to repair and improve skin health at and beneath the surface.

More and more men are turning to the sugaring method for a gentle and effective exfoliating process that doesn’t trigger irritation or dryness. The process instead produces a healthy and well-groomed appearance that keeps unwanted hair and dry skin at bay.

Sugaring is also popular among women for its natural water-soluble properties that exfoliate the face and body and then wash away instantly.

Non-abrasive and non-comedogenic, the sugaring exfoliating method is safe and effective for all skin types. The scrubbing solution gently removes dirt, debris, and dead skin cells without the threat of allergic reactions. And because sugar’s glycolic properties allow for deep skin penetration, the technique has been shown to help moisturizers work more effectively.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar is a premier luxury spa that offers both day spa and medi spa services for men and women of all ages.

Day spa services include signature European facial treatments, body treatments, massage, hair removal, and other aesthetics.

Medi spa treatments include world-class anti-aging, skin rejuvenating, and beauty enhancement technologies and exclusive skincare brands known to deliver exceptional skin, tissue, and collagen remodeling outcomes.

With the addition of their sugaring exfoliation treatments for men and women, Penelope and the Beauty Bar gives Seattle residents access to some of the most effective procedures for smoothing, renewing, and hydrating the skin.

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