California Country Style Kitchen Islands: Rustic Furniture Collection Updated

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A furniture and home accessories store has updated its range of country-style kitchen islands, both online and in its New Mexico stores. Rustics For Less (855-478-7842) provides authentic wood furniture made in Mexico for rustic home interior design and offers delivery throughout the continental US.

This brand’s updated selection of furniture is divided into various collections according to specific aesthetics. These collections include Farmhouse, Floresville, Rancho, Oasis, and Nashville, all offering different rustic varieties of newly released furniture.

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Rustics For Less offers a recently extended line of dining room furniture, including kitchen islands and dining tables, as well as buffets and hutches. These new units are made from authentic, solid pine wood and are designed to complement country-style interior spaces.

One popular piece of dining room furniture from Rustics For Less is the Orion Kitchen Island. This kitchen island is available in 4 colors – turquoise, dark brown, light brown, and red-brown – and is on casters, so it can be moved around the kitchen or dining room as needed.

Like all Rustics For Less furniture, the Orion Kitchen Island is made from solid pine wood and handcrafted in Mexico. This model also features sliding drawers for storing kitchen utensils and dinnerware.

Aside from furniture, Rustics For Less also stocks bedding, homeware, and pet accessories, such as kennels and pet blankets. Their vintage style and wide range of products is designed to allow customers to create a cohesive aesthetic for their home, whether through wall art, coffee tables, or decorative pillows.

The expansion of Rustics For Less’s furniture range is in line with its commitment to providing customers with good value furnishings to suit their traditional, rustic, or vintage interior design taste. Additional details can be found at

Rustics For Less has provided authentic, high-quality furniture at affordable prices since 2007 in La Cruces and 2013 in Alburquerque. The store has established a strong reputation for its sturdy, country-style design and professional customer service, as indicated by its numerous positive testimonials.

A satisfied customer said, “We furnished our entire home – over 45 pieces in total – with furniture from Rustics For Less. All items are sturdy and beautiful. The prices are reasonable for the level of quality and we highly recommend this store. Besides the quality and value of the furniture, the customer service was also at an incredibly high level.”

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