Concentrated Oxygen Facial Toner | Insect Sting & Bite Pain Relief Spray Launch

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IamOxygen has launched the Rejuvenator skin cell repair therapy spray, a travel-friendly face and body mist containing 350,000 ppm of pure active oxygen.

The new skin spray from the bio-oxidative therapy brand is a convenient solution for alleviating the pain and inflammation related to bee or wasp stings and insect bites. The toner soothes irritated skin, increases collagen production, and promotes faster healing.

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The latest addition to IamOxygen’s product range has been formulated using a powerful concentration of dissolved active oxygen. Derived from 100% natural ingredients, the toner is gentle enough for use on children and people with sensitive skin.

Recent research into TOT (topical oxygen therapy) for treating wounds has suggested that angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, is directly linked to oxygen levels in the skin. Since it increases epidermal oxygen levels that have been associated with cell regeneration, the Rejuvenator can be used to accelerate healing and counteract the inflammatory and irritating effects of insect venom.

Moreover, it can reduce and replenish moisture and balance epidermal pH levels, returning the skin to homeostasis and enabling it to fight infections. In addition to bites and stings, it is capable of soothing pain and inflammation caused by sunburns, canker sores, scratches, and wounds.

Containing 1000 individual sprays of stabilized, bio-available oxygen, the skin-soothing toner is ideal for treating bug bites and stings while traveling. It can also be used throughout the day and on the go to protect the skin from pollutants.

About IamOxygen

Pioneering at-home oxygen therapy, IamOxygen is dedicated to offering chemical-free alternatives to everyday skincare products. Moreover, the vegan, cruelty-free brand has made a commitment to choosing sustainable business practices and plans to convert all of its remaining plastic packaging to hemp-derived materials by 2025.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Feel the pain float away and speed the healing after medical spa treatments, sunburns, wounds, bites, scratches, stings, abrasions, acne, cold or canker sores, to name a few. IamOxygen is safe to use on any part of the body.”

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