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SalesKingpin recently updated its AI-powered copywriting software for improved lead generation and customer conversion.

SalesKingpin’s updated software provides businesses with a quick and affordable method of producing high-converting and persuasive marketing content. The software, which was developed by a team of professional copywriters, creates copy instantly using a simple 3-step process.

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One of the biggest challenges facing online businesses today is conversion, or the process of turning site visitors into leads and buyers. Traditionally, enticing copy has been one of the most effective ways of increasing conversion. With the rising costs and lengthy turnaround times of copywriting services, many businesses are seeking more efficient ways of creating their messaging. SalesKingpin’s latest update provides businesses with the copywriting software they need to meet modern demands.

“Our software helps businesses create all the marketing copy they need to convert visitors into leads and paying customers,” said a spokesperson for the company. “It creates highly persuasive marketing content in minutes, even for business owners with zero copywriting experience.

Business owners start by choosing the type of copy they want. They then answer a few questions about their product or service. When finished, they click “create”, and the software generates the content in seconds. Once generated, the copy is 95% ready, but the business owner still has the chance to tweak, add, or remove any parts they want.

SalesKingpin can produce a variety of copy types. It writes for e-mails, mailing lists, landing pages, video scripts, advertisements, blogs, and social media posts. The content is suitable for both B2B and B2C purposes.

The AI-powered software also provides a range of benefits to businesses. While most professional copywriters charge anywhere from $100 to $1,000 for each piece of copy, SalesKingpin provides multiple pieces at a significantly lower cost. It also saves time, boosts revenue, and helps establish businesses as authorities within a particular industry or market.

The SalesKingpin software is offered in two packages. The Growth Package features basic copy types with minimal editorial functions. The Professional Package includes everything in the Growth Package, as well as the full editing suite, rewrite capabilities, social and blog post creation, and access to 10 SalesKingpin team members.

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