Professional Day Trading Mentors Chatroom: Stock Scanner Training Updated

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An emerging community platform specializing in stock market training and peer support for day traders announces updates to its mentorship program.

The latest launch from ‘My Investing Club’ (MIC) offers members access to a team of professional traders, from which they are assigned a personal mentor to guide and advise them on their forays in the financial markets. The program is part of the company’s state-of-the-art chatroom which gives subscribers the chance to learn and share knowledge with thousands of like-minded individuals.

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The announcement details MIC’s recent inclusion of stock scanning training for chatroom and mentorship program members. The company is committed to building an ever-expanding knowledge base for beginners and intermediate-level financiers, ensuring that subscribers learn from traders who have built a lucrative career in reading and interacting with the markets.

Stock scanners, also referred to as stock screeners, are programs that filter the markets to find stocks that meet user-defined criteria. With thousands of stocks in flux throughout any given trading day, scanners allow traders to optimize their time by locating the most promising opportunities. According to Centerpoint Securities, these programs scan through millions of data points to help identify the most suitable tradeable candidates.

MIC mentors help chatroom members decipher the jargon and gain a deeper understanding of how to use stock screening technology. Subscribers learn how to navigate decisions around stock price action criteria including new highs, double bottom, and highest relative volume. Fundamental criteria relating to a business’s financial metrics are also explained, covering price-to-earning, price-to-sales, and cash-per-share ratios.

With MIC membership, users can also access weekly training webinars, keeping them abreast of the latest trends, tips, and market activity. A state-of-the-art learning management system also affords on-demand access to a large database of video tutorials covering an exhaustive range of topics relating to short-term, small-cap, and large-cap trading.

A spokesperson says, “Get one-on-one mentorship sessions with elite traders whenever you need it. Direct message our mentors seven days a week and get a thorough response. Access like this anywhere else is exclusive to hedge fund traders.”

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