London, ON 2023 Low Fee USD Currency Exchange For Cross-Border Workers, Update

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CanAm Currency Exchange (519-915-5151) has launched USD to CAD currency exchange service, offering low fees for cross-border workers.

Following the announcement, foreign workers can lock in competitive currency exchange rates either online or over the phone. CanAm Currency Exchange offers international employees a more convenient way to convert their funds into any other currency for easier cross-border access.

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The company’s recently expanded foreign exchange service helps workers employed in Canada maximize remittances, allowing them to cut back on their overall cost of living. CanAm Currency Exchange offers affordable currency exchange rates, making it possible for employees abroad to cover expenses related to overseas trips or to allocate more funds to send to their families.

According to a report released by the Canadian Government, as much as 13% of the country’s workforce are foreigners, and almost all of them send money back to their home country. With services like the one CanAm Currency Exchange is offering, cross-border workers are assured that their funds will be exchanged securely and that they will get the most competitive rates in the country.

CanAm Currency Exchange transactions can be done completely online or over the phone, saving customers time. They will be given an exchange rate immediately, which will be locked in for the transaction. The customer will deposit the funds to the company’s account, and the agreed-upon amount will be deposited back into the customer’s account within 24 hours.

Aside from the convenience, there are several other advantages to the company’s service. The locked-in rate ensures that customers do not suffer from currency fluctuations and receive less than expected. By using the online money transfer system, cross-border workers do not have to carry the cash they exchanged because they can withdraw funds as needed.

CanAm Currency Exchange accepts all currencies and has a specific rate matrix for each currency. Unlike other sector players that only accept major currencies, customers working with the Canadian company do not need to exchange their funds twice. With the competitive rates and the wide range of currencies accepted, customers can save 2-3% per transaction, which adds up to hundreds or thousands of dollars each year.

“CanAm Currency Exchange offers premium financial services and foreign currency to people and businesses everywhere in Canada through virtually any channel, including phone, internet, email, mobile, and retail locations,” a spokesperson said.

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