Escondido Solar Power System Installation | Cost Efficiency Report Released

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Baker Electric Home Energy (760-642-1952) has published an updated report detailing the advantages of solar power installation for California residents.

The enhanced report sheds light on the cost effectiveness of solar energy for local homeowners looking to reduce their utility bills while securing their independence from power companies.

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Baker Electric Home Energy’s updated report provides an overview of the advantages and potential drawbacks of installing solar panels to better help local homeowners come to their own decisions. The company also points out that Southern California has some of the highest energy costs but also the highest annual total of sunny hours in the country – the ideal combination for solar solutions that make good economic sense.

The pending climate legislation will ease the transition to solar by restoring the 30% tax credit for households and extending it through 2034. Battery storage systems – which allow homeowners to hoard surplus solar energy generated by day and use it at night – will also be eligible for 30% credits. The tax credit had been set to drop to 22% next year before expiring altogether in 2024.

Homeowners are expected to take advantage of the significantly reduced payback periods for solar panels, due to overall savings on electricity costs – at which point the electricity generated would be largely without costs, outside of routine service fees for connecting to the power grid.

As the report from Baker Electric Home Energy explains, a solar system installed by the company will typically pay for itself within five to seven years after which homeowners will enjoy nearly-free electricity for the life of the system, usually more than 25 years. Baker Electric claims that its customers save 25%-75% during this period.

One customer wrote: “Over the past few weeks we used Baker to upgrade our electrical panel, replace our roof, and install solar. They were fabulous. All the crews were so friendly, and fast. Would highly recommend Baker.”

Solar power also lessens the environmental impact of energy usage. For homeowners who are concerned about greenhouse gas emissions, Baker Electric Home Energy highlights that solar panels significantly reduce a home’s carbon footprint – by a multiple of 20, according to estimates.

Baker Electric Home Energy is a BBB A+ rated company based in San Diego and winner of many awards – including the top 2021 residential award for Southern California solar.

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