2023 Dignified Jobs For Human Trafficking Survivors | IASC Honoree Announced

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For its contributions to the ongoing fight against modern slavery, Made for Freedom has been announced as a recipient of the 2022 International Anti-Slavery Commission (IASC) award for fashion & beauty.

This announcement serves as a recognition of the organization’s efforts to empower victims of human trafficking and exploitation by providing sustainable routes to dignified employment.

More details are available at https://madeforfreedom.com

As the world recognized National Human Trafficking Prevention month in January, Made for Freedom’s recent IASC award brings further attention to the organization’s campaign against exploitation and modern slavery. This recognition will incentivize the organization to create more opportunities for partnerships and ramp up campaigns encouraging others to join the fight against modern slavery.

The International Labour Organization estimates that over 49 million people are currently confined to various forms of modern slavery, including human trafficking for forced labor, forced marriage, debt servitude, and commercial exploitation.

Made for Freedom’s IASC award stands as a crowning achievement in its courageous effort to stop the spread of human trafficking by providing victims and vulnerable populations with opportunities for dignified employment.

As part of its awareness campaign during National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, the organization has launched an informational download featuring red flags, risk factors, and action items that will help people identify trafficking situations and support survivors of human trafficking in their recovery through gainful employment. This allows survivors to learn new skills in a safe work environment while earning fair wages from legitimate businesses.

Made for Freedom also partners with restorative centers to provide training on the process and business skills necessary to create and sell pieces of jewelry, clothing, and other style accessories that promote ethical fashion.

The impact of the fashion pieces begins with the services, training, and dignified employment provided and continues with efforts dedicated to fighting human trafficking. Made for Freedom believes this will help break the cycle of vulnerability and financial desperation that often leads to modern slavery.

About the Organization

Made for Freedom is a social enterprise that partners with anti-slavery organizations to provide resources geared towards preventing human trafficking, restoring survivors, and raising awareness of modern slavery.

A representative said, “Made for Freedom was built with the producer and the consumer in mind. Our products are made at centers worldwide which provide dignified employment for women and men coming out of desperate situations. This is incredibly valuable as victims of human trafficking learn that they have value and that healing is possible.”

For more information, please visit https://madeforfreedom.com

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