Fresno Solar Panel Battery Storage Installer | Tesla & Enphase Systems Expanded

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As the transition to renewable energy accelerates, California-based solar firm Semper Solaris (559-550-4680) announces an expanded range of battery storage systems for homeowners in Fresno and other locations across the state.

The veteran-owned company offers the latest Tesla Powerwall and Enphase battery storage solutions, featuring advanced control applications via smartphone, tablet, and computer. As certified installers for both systems, the firm states that it can now assist homeowners in getting maximum benefit from their solar panels.

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While California is one of the leading states when it comes to adoption of solar power, many homes are still reliant on the energy grid during peak hours. With the most recent battery storage solutions, Semper Solaris aims to reduce this reliance and provide clients with full energy independence.

Electricity distribution firm National Grid highlights the importance of battery storage in the transition to green energy. The organization explains that managing peaks and troughs in energy demand can be more difficult with renewables, owing to their reliance on natural elements, such as the sun or wind. The storage of energy using batteries is therefore critical in filling those gaps.

Semper Solaris’ latest battery storage systems are designed to provide electricity during peak evening or morning hours, when home solar systems are less effective. Given the increasing prices of electricity throughout California, the company states that this can significantly the reduce financial strain on many homes.

The success of Semper Solaris’ home energy efficiency solutions has also been recognized, with the award of Top Solar & Battery Storage Residential Installer in both 2022 and 2021. The firm believes that its most recent battery storage updates will keep it at the forefront of industry developments throughout 2023.

About Semper Solaris

With 15 outlets across California, as well an as expanding presence in Texas, Arizona, and Florida, Semper Solaris is now one of the leading solar and battery storage installers in the US. The firm combines its solar solutions with highly efficient gas furnace and air conditioning systems under its Semper Air brand, designed to provide homeowners with complete energy independence.

One Fresno homeowner stated: “I recently purchased a solar system from Semper Solaris, and their representative was great at communicating the entire solar process. I really appreciate the great customer service and taking the time to make sure I was comfortable with everything.”

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