Real-Time Alerts Platform With AI Analysis Dashboard For Index Trading Updated

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Quant Gate Systems has launched a new update to its Pilot trading service, which combines the use of AI analysis and real-time trade alerts for time-sensitive index trading.

The latest update sees Quant Gate Systems provide traders with an easy-to-use AI-powered dashboard that monitors and analyzes 4 terabytes of data from indices such as the Dow Jones and S&P 500 at a rate of 5 billion calculations per second.

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Following the announcement, the Pilot dashboard quickly notices any time-sensitive trade opportunities, alerting users when to buy or sell stocks or other assets based on their personalized criteria and positive market changes.

Trading indices are a popular choice for both new and experienced traders as they offer consolidated asset management, while also providing an indicator of where the market is heading. However, keeping track of these movements to spot potential opportunities an index may present can be time-consuming and require constant monitoring. Quant Gate Systems’ Pilot platform offers an efficient solution for traders with its AI-powered real-time alerts.

Pilot gives traders the opportunity to create personalized watchlists based on their portfolios and assets. Once set up, the platform analyzes key market indicators and alerts users of any relevant trade opportunities as soon as they happen.

By offering a streamlined trading process, Quant Gate Systems helps new traders learn what to look out for and when to act with regard to index trading. At the same time, it helps experienced traders to simplify their buying and selling process with the assistance of AI analysis.

Pilot is available in a range of membership tiers, with features including integrated broker connections for instant direct in-app trade and real-time alerts for over 60,000 securities. The platform also has a free demo mode that uses delayed data for those wishing to see how the system works prior to signing up.

Quant Gate Systems also provides a wide range of educational resources in their online Pilot Academy to help traders learn more about the industry. The academy also features a self-serve online library of information on the Pilot platform to help users get the most out of the software and their trading journey.

A spokesperson for Quant Gate Systems says, “Pilot addresses the complexity of trading by providing you with only the information you need to capitalize on trading opportunities.”

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