Mt Eden Auckland IV Sedation Dentistry For Dental Anxiety & Phobias Updated

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All Smiles Dental (0800-255-764) has updated its services to provide Mt Eden Auckland patients who experience anxiety with IV sedation options for relaxation and comfort during dental procedures.

All Smiles Dental, located in Mt Eden, Auckland provides a range of orthodontic and restorative services for patients of all ages. With the latest update, the practice now offers sedation dentistry to reduce fear and anxiety.

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The new service is in line with the practice’s commitment to providing patients with expert dental solutions while offering a tranquil atmosphere that allows for a comprehensive and relaxing experience.

Dental anxiety is a fairly common condition that causes people to avoid seeking dental treatment and preventative dental care. It is considered a dental public health problem, as it is a major contributor to poor oral health in New Zealand. It is estimated that 13.3% of New Zealanders experience some form of dental anxiety, ranging from unease during a visit to debilitating fear that causes years-long dental avoidance.

All Smiles Dental offers sedation dentistry as a means to ease anxiety and fear. They provide conscious sedation that, in addition to lessening the physical experience of a procedure, helps patients feel deeply relaxed and comfortable. With conscious sedation, patients are fully awake and aware of their surroundings but with reduced dental anxiety and fear. Additionally, more dental work can be done in less time and with fewer appointments.

The practice uses different levels of sedation based on the dental work and the patient’s anxiety level. These methods include oral sedatives, intravenous (IV). Sedation dentistry is not only ideal for individuals with dental anxiety, it is also suitable for those who fear needles or have sensitive teeth.

Among their lineup of services, they also specialise in Invisalign treatment and wisdom tooth extraction. Interested parties can find out more about the practice’s dental surgeries by visiting

With the latest announcement, All Smiles Dental remains committed to providing first-rate dental solutions that not only cater to the oral health of patients but also address their state of well-being.

A satisfied patient said: “Always a pleasure visiting All Smiles. For someone who had major anxiety around the dentist, I love my visits now. The whole team has been fantastic in making sure I get the result I want from my Invisalign. Even being patient whilst I was unable to wear them when pregnant. Highly recommend.”

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