DIY Face Masks Sewing Project Kits Database For Amateurs With Lessons Launched

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Sewing Pattern Secrets LLC is a fast-growing online database for DIY sewing project kits and lessons and they now have new face masks patterns.

All the sewing machine patterns on Sewing Pattern Secrets have been developed by the site’s founder, leading American seamstress Molly McGuire. As she reaches the end of her professional career, she is on a mission to share the secrets of the craft with a wide number of beginner sewists across the US, and she is constantly adding to the site with a selection of her most tried-and-true and favorite sewing patterns.

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Although most US states have now dropped mask mandates, Molly McGuire knows that many parents and families still want to protect themselves and their family, especially when attending medical appointments, riding public transport, and visiting other densely crowded environments.

Rather than using disposable masks, which get ruined easily and have a heavy environmental impact, McGuire recommends soft, washable and durable fabric masks, which can be easily customized to suit the exact face size of every family member, including younger children.

That’s why the latest pattern that Sewing Pattern Secrets has added to their extensive sewing project kits database is for face masks.

As with all the platform’s sewing machine patterns, Sewing Pattern Secrets has added clear step-by-step instructions, material and cutting lists and detailed schematics with their mask patterns. Head seamstress Molly McGuire has also created an online classroom inside the database which features accompanying video lessons and tutorials.

In addition to their new mask project kits, Sewing Pattern Secrets has a host of one-hour DIY arts and craft project ideas and patterns for babies’, toddlers’, children’s and men’s and women’s clothing.

With a membership to Sewing Pattern Secrets LLC, amateur and avid sewists will have access to the site’s over 125 existing sewing machine patterns and all of their online instructional resources, with a new pattern being sent to their email address every week.

A spokesperson for the fast-growing online database said, “Sewing Pattern Secrets gives you total package instructions, videos and resources to empower you to get those sewing projects done right the first time… while avoiding all the blunders and confusion so commonly associated with other sewing patterns currently being offered online.”

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