Luxury Men Custom Burgundy Goodyear Welt Saddle Shoe, Made To Order Line Launch

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Robert August, a popular retailer of luxury Spanish-made custom footwear, has a new collection of men’s saddle shoes.

The premium shoemakers have a new line of made-to-order men’s saddle shoes that are handcrafted in their artisan workshop in Almansa, Spain, from the finest European leathers and materials. Robert August believes that there is no substitute for luxury nor for quality, which is why they are also making their new saddle shoes by hand with a Goodyear welt. This traditional shoemaking technique improves the comfort and longevity of a shoe.

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Their new collection of saddle shoes is versatile in style in order to meet today’s men’s need for shoes that can easily transition from office wear to smart casual weekend wear and to formal wear. As such, with Robert August’s new collection of reimagined saddle shoes, they have taken the flair that made the original iteration a symbol of collegiate cool and made it both more modern and more understated, while still retaining the shoe’s natural unique charm.

For those shoppers who are looking for a more retro upscale ‘bowling alley’ look, the shoemakers recommend their new The Lincoln Ave. Saddle Shoe No. 8045. This two-tone saddle shoe is made from nude and black painted calf leather with an accented hand-painted wood look sole. It also features a beveled waist and classic rounded toe.

Alternately, for a more modern style, Robert August has their new The Lincoln Ave. Saddle Shoe No. 3927. This single-hued shoe features a burgundy hand patina finish with a dark red sole and a pop of color with its contrasting slim profile red round laces.

As Robert August’s new saddle shoes are made by hand, this also means they are made to order, and when customers make their purchase, they can opt to include their precise measurements or select from the retailer’s comprehensive size chart.

They can also opt to customize their shoe. Shoppers can select from single-tone or two-tone options, with popular colors like black, brown, navy blue, and cognac all available. They can also customize the sole, toe shape, and laces.

Robert August offers complimentary shipping on their new saddle shoes to addresses within the continental United States.

A spokesperson for the Spanish-made custom footwear retailers said, “Our Lincoln Ave. Saddle Shoes are the perfect way to add a touch of style to any outfit. Their distinct two-color look is a timeless classic that looks great with both casual and formal styles. These versatile shoes get their name from the saddle-shaped piece that goes across the lace area.”

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