ACP Broadband Internet Package For Low-Income Households: ISP Bundle Launched

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A new connectivity program has been launched to help low-income families gain access to high-speed internet.

Comlink Total Solutions Corp now offers the Comlinkbundle internet plan, which offers struggling families a means to access high-speed broadband connection for the lowest possible price. The bundle includes access to many of the most popular service providers in the country and has recently been expanded to cover new areas of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

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This new affordable connectivity program is subsidized by the FCC through its Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and is intended to allow those who may otherwise be unable to afford a high-speed internet connection to do so on a reliable basis. The program intends to help those individuals connect with family, further their education, and access work opportunities online.

Those who qualify for this program also have the option to avail of a smart tablet for a $10.99 copayment.

The program is available following a brief application process, which is required in order to determine ACP eligibility. Generally, families who qualify for other federal aid programs such as Medicare, SSI, and SNAP will find themselves also qualified for this program.

The full guidelines are available on the Comlink website.

Additionally, Comlink may be able to help individuals locate affordable connection options outside of this program, and have assembled some of the most accessible packages in 20 states so far. The company has done the necessary research to find only programs that provide beneficial discounts and which do not contain predatory hidden fees.

Those who wish to apply for the program must provide cursory information regarding their household and income as well as an address for billing and service delivery.

About the Company

Comlink Total Solutions Corp leverages government subsidies to help disadvantaged families access the necessity that is a high-speed internet connection. They believe that in the modern world, the internet is de facto required in order to maintain employment and personal relationships, and so they intend to help as many people as possible access that service through special plans.

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