Boston MA Parking Lot LPR Camera System – Security/Compliance Services Launched

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New England Security Guard Patrol Service (+1-617-322-6372) has announced new updates to its diverse range of specialist security programs, now offering new parking enforcement solutions in Boston.

The new service updates bolster the Boston firm’s security options with advanced parking enforcement methods. Local clients can contact New England Security for assistance with preventing illegal and unlawful violations on their residential properties, parking lots, garages, and businesses.

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New England Security has announced the service updates to supplement its wide range of security programs. In addition to the new parking enforcement services, the Boston firm is equipped to assist clients in need of security programs such as celebrity protection, armed guard patrols, loss prevention, and more.

When Boston home and business owners are repeatedly targeted or affected by the actions of lawbreakers and trespassers on their land, they often find it difficult to reliably enforce disciplinary action. New England Security aims to provide enhanced software that allows such individuals to coordinate their efforts with law enforcement, bringing culprits to justice.

Among its most highly recommended methods of enforcement is the usage of LPR, or License Plate Recognition equipment. This allows New England Security to quickly scan tens of thousands of license plates in order to identify criminal offenders. As such, clients can easily track down rule-breakers and administer parking alerts or collect fines whenever necessary.

The Boston security firm emphasizes the benefits of its parking enforcement options. Depending on the unique situation, Boston clients can opt for marked unit patrol groups making frequent site drive-throughs. Coupled with this practical method of enforcement, the firm’s LPR cameras provide round-the-clock surveillance.

“Empower your parking operation with LPR-enabled parking enforcement to locate, warn, and fine offenders and take back control of your property,” a company spokesperson said. “Know who is in your parking lot, when they are parking there, for how long, and find out if they live or belong there. Our systems ensure that you will see increased compliance with your parking regulations.”

Additional high-tech options offered by New England Security for parking enforcement include such methods as digital chalking. By utilizing modern software from third-party companies, ranging from Video Guard Pro to Sigmoid, New England Security can assure Boston clients of expert security services.

Interested parties across the Boston area are invited to visit to learn more about New England Security and its extended array of specialist security enforcement and patrol services.