LinkedIn Sales Enablement Software, Multi-Campaign B2B Outbound Lead Gen Update

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A recent update sees Salesflow offer enhanced multi-campaign automation for sales teams looking to leverage AI-assisted solutions for improved LinkedIn B2B lead generation.

Salesflow, a leading B2B LinkedIn lead generation platform, continues to improve its feature list to offer its users a streamlined cloud-based platform for efficient outbound sales automation.

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With Hubspot data showing that LinkedIn is almost three times more effective for lead generation than Twitter or Facebook, the social media platform has become the environment of choice for B2B sales, says Salesflow. While according to a Hootsuite survey over 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn, many are primarily relying on manual work to find and connect with leads – which substantially increases time commitment and reduces overall efficiency.

Salesflow offers an efficient B2B marketing automation platform allowing users to set up multiple campaigns and send out hundreds of invites per month, create custom follow-up sequences, and access advanced statistical data – all from a single, intuitive cloud platform.

The company leverages AI data to help users sort leads by response type and automatically set up multiple campaigns adapted to the profile of each target audience. With auto follow-ups, users can improve their response rate without having to spend time manually responding to each lead.

Combining customization and efficient automation, Salesflow aims to revolutionize sales enablement solutions for sales teams, agencies, startups, and other users. The platform has been used by clients in over 120 countries to generate over 500,000 leads.

A managing director using Salesflow said: “I’ve been using Salesflow for around 3 years now. I know that anytime there is some sort of change on LinkedIn, I don’t get too stressed out anymore because I know Salesflow usually probably working crazy in the background to try and get it all up to date as fast as possible.”

With the latest update, Salesflow continues to invest in the development of efficient B2B outbound sales and lead generation tools for LinkedIn business users.

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