Beginner Guided Meditation Techniques & Mantras: Mindfulness Guide Launched

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Mindfulness Etc has launched a new online guide that helps people learn to meditate and overcome common barriers to mindfulness.

With concerns over mental health and wellness at an all-time high, mindfulness and meditation are increasingly becoming part of people’s daily routines. As such, Mindfulness Etc is now reaching out to beginner practitioners in hopes of helping them destress and find peace through meditation and mindfulness.

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The launch of the new guide coincides with a recent article on top wellness trends for 2023 published by Vogue. According to their journalists, mini-meditations and mantras will become ever more popular this year, adding that “mini-meditations will help boost your wellness without taking up too much of your precious time.”

Mindfulness Etc covers the rich history of meditation and explains the various types and techniques. To help beginners get started, the guide explains how to get comfortable and focus on one’s breathing – a tactic that relaxes the body and mind and allows people to connect with themselves.

“Meditation is one of the oldest forms of relaxation and it has a wealth of benefits, such as reducing anxiety, improving concentration, and promoting self-awareness,” explains the author. “Through regular practice, you can cultivate an experience that allows you to be more connected to yourself at any given moment. In this guide, we show you how to master it – even if you have struggled with meditation before.”

Feelings of inadequacy, the inability to detach from thoughts, and not making time for meditation every day are some of the most common reasons people typically fail, according to Mindfulness Etc. In such cases, and for people who find it difficult to switch off, guided meditation and mantra chanting are great options to get started.

Mindfulness Etc encourages readers to stay consistent and experiment with other forms of meditation, such as Movement, Loving Kindness, and Transcendental styles. Once they have mastered a basic meditation practice, they should work towards making it a regular habit.

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