What Are the Common Workplace Injuries?

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(Newswire.net — March 13, 2023) — Brace yourselves for an uncomfortable truth: since 2020, workplace injuries have increased by at least 400%!

Workplace injuries can be a common occurrence no matter what industry you work in. Employees can suffer injuries that cause pain but also disrupts their work and life.

So what do you do? As an employer, the onus is on you to create a safe work environment. This guide will show you common workplace injuries and how to prevent accidents at work.

Here’s what you must know:

Chemical and Viral Exposure Injuries

Chemical exposure injuries are common in a variety of industries. These include industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and, of course, healthcare.

As a result, if you don’t operate within these industries you could largely not think about chemical exposure injuries. However, since 2020 we’ve now got another similar injury that can occur at any workplace.

With the return to the workplace, you’ll still have to take precautions to protect your employees from COVID-19. Consider offering hand sanitizers and masks for your employees. Make sure you disinfect all work items and furniture.

In extreme cases, both chemical and viral exposure injuries will require Hazmat solutions for protection. You can look at SDS Hazmat to find the best assistance.

Overexertion Injuries

Overexertion injuries are common in workplaces that require employees to engage in physical labor. Overexertion injuries can lead to muscle strains, sprains, and tears. 

These industries include construction, manufacturing, and warehousing. But even working at a local cafe or restaurant can require protection from overexertion.

Employees who work at the latter establishments don’t necessarily have to be strong. However, they might still be required to lift heavy items such as boxes, crates, jugs of water, etc. If they aren’t strong, this can lead to overexertion injuries in the long run.

These injuries can also occur due to repetitive motions that aren’t necessarily physically demanding. These include typing, using a mouse, or basic kitchen procedures. 

To prevent these injuries, you want to ensure that your employees get regular breaks. Make sure you also give them an ergonomic work setup. This ensures they feel comfortable while sitting on a chair or working with equipment.

Slip and Fall Injuries

This type of workplace injury is common in almost any industry. You’ll need to clean your floor every now and then. But sometimes a clean floor becomes a wet floor and this leads to slip and fall injuries.

Of course, if you don’t clean your floor at all then the dirt can lead to slip and fall injuries. You’ll have to clean your floors often and dry them as well. Make sure you set up caution signs to alert your employees.

In extreme cases, you can also provide your employees with specialized footwear. This can help protect them from wet or dirty floors.

Vehicle-Related Injuries

If your workplace requires employees to operate vehicles then you’ll have to prevent potential injuries. These can include a chauffeur who crashes the limousine to a forklift operator who gets injured operating the machine!

To prevent these injuries, you’ll have to first ensure that the driver is qualified. Make sure you also ensure that they follow safety rules. You’ll also have to warn them about situations where they can be in danger.

For example, let them know to be aware of drunk drivers in certain locations. Or let them know about rough terrains in other areas. It’s also best to get insurance for each driver. This insurance can cover any medical expenses if they face serious injury.

Machine-Related Injuries

These types of injuries are common in industries that require heavy machinery. These can include manufacturing, construction, oil rigs, etc.

These injuries occur when employees get injured while using a machine or tool. At worst, machine-related injuries can lead to permanent disability or death. You must always ensure you’re working with the best machines.

Teach your employees how to use the machines safely. Machines will have to get checked often to ensure they’re functioning properly. Prohibit your employees from using machines if there are any faults.

Make sure you always have a supervisor observing your employees. While this might be micromanaging, this is a way to ensure everyone is safe while working with machines. 

Workplace Violence

This is one injury that we often don’t think about and may not even be our fault.

But as an employer, you’ll still be held responsible for any violent acts that occur in your workplace. These can include fights, verbal abuse, mental abuse, sexual harassment, blackmail, and humiliation.

This is something that can occur in any workplace. Whether your workplace is low-stress or high-stress, workplace violence can happen anywhere.

Whether it’s two cashiers fighting in the supermarket or two rig workers fighting while working, you have to be concerned about workplace violence.

This is a long process and it’s something you’ll always have to be wary of. You must teach your employees about conflict resolution. They should know how to handle conflict without violence.

You’ll also have to make each employee feel comfortable speaking to HR. If they have any issues with other employees, they should feel comfortable speaking about it.

You might have to install more security measures in your workplace. This can include installing CCTV cameras to deter any workplace violence or harassment.

At the extreme end, you might need to have private security officers on location at all times.

If you have anyone who has anger management issues, you should never hire them. Don’t put your employees at risk in the name of giving someone a second chance.

Prevent These Workplace Injuries

Now you know the most common workplace injuries and what steps to take to prevent them.

To ensure a safe work environment, you need to make it clean enough. This ensures reduced exposure to chemicals and viruses.

All workplaces have the potential to cause overexertion injuries. The same goes for slip and fall injuries. Take extra precautions to prevent vehicle and machine-related injuries. 

You must be vigilant to prevent workplace violence as well. If you need even more great guides on running your business, you’ll find them on our website!