New York Optometrist Westchester Eyes Launches Blurry Vision & Dry Eye Treatment

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Westchester Eyes (914-586-3937), a state-of-the-eye optometry practice based in Yonkers, NY, has announced its specialized treatment for blurry vision due to chronic dry eye that restores healthy tear production.

Following the announcement, the optometry practice helps patients struggling with chronic dry eye and blurred vision achieve and maintain normal tear production. Westchester Eyes administers to patients a therapy regimen that is most appropriate for their condition, which will result in a lubricated eye surface that improves vision clarity and eye health.

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As part of its newly announced services, Westchester Eyes offers New York patients treatment in its specialized dry eye center, which is equipped with advanced optometric technology specifically designed for dry eye relief. The practice’s optometrists use these devices to stimulate the meibomian gland ducts to secrete clearer, thinner lipids, to allow for a healthier tear film on the eye in the long-term.

One of the technologies used in Westchester Eyes’ dry eye center is the LM® Low-level Light Therapy. This wearable mask works at the biological level, generating endogenous heat through powerful LEDs stimulating ATP production in cells. Patients prescribed this regimen will go through a full treatment series at the practice so that the patient’s eyes, eyelids and lashes become healthier.

Westchester Eyes also utilizes the thermoelectric heat devices MiBo Thermoflo and Blephasteam to treat chronic dry eye. These therapeutic medical devices break down the hardened oils, called meibum, which often clog glands and prevent proper lubrication. With these technologies, the optometrists at Westchester Eyes can encourage healthy secretion of natural oils in the eye, which improves the tear film.

Dry eye can be a result of many issues, including age, medical conditions like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, and environmental conditions like smoke, wind, and dry climate. In an initial comprehensive eye exam, Westchester Eyes optometrists will talk with patients about their medical history and experience with the aforementioned issues, to get a full understanding of the patient’s eye health and create a personalized treatment plan.

“With us, vision care goes far beyond a simple eye examination,” said the clinic’s Dr. Eric Rubenfield. “We’re a sincere company with a straightforward vision. We have a full range of optical equipment to ensure that you receive the quality care you have come to expect.”

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