South Florida FINRA Arbitration Claims Lawyer: Broker Litigation Service Update

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Soreide Law Group (1-888-760-6552) is accepting new clients in South Florida to help individuals who have been defrauded by a stock broker seek justice.

Floridians who have been impacted by fraud in the securities industry are entitled by law to seek compensation for the damages they have suffered. Soreide Law Group has expanded their range to bring their service to new clients in South Florida, and to help those individuals seek compensation out of court through the FINRA arbitration process.

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Thousands of Floridians are impacted by fraud or negligence in the financial industry each year, more so than anywhere else in the nation. A high population of retirees and the elderly makes residents of the state especially vulnerable to this type of crime, which is why Soreide Law Group is extending their service range to ensure as many people as possible can seek help in their cases.

The securities lawyers at Soreide Law Group use the Financial Industry Regulatory Authorities “FINRA” arbitration forum to seek recovery in fraud cases. Typically FINRA will have 3 neutral parties hear the case and render a decision. For claims under $100k before FINRA the case is heard by only one FINRA arbitrator. The majority of the cases resolve in mediation or through attorney-to-attorney negotiations.

FINRA arbitration may be an effective method of seeking recovery in cases involving over-leveraged assets, excessive commission schemes, failure to limit runaway losses, overconcentration, or recommendation of unsuitable assets. In these cases, Soreide may be able to build a case using state, local, and federal statutes in order to give clients the best chances of recovery.

Lars Soreide, head lawyer at the firm, has spent many years bringing cases before FINRA-appointed negotiators, and is intimately familiar with the often complicated process. He is committed to helping his clients understand and navigate these proceedings in a way that is respectful of each client’s time and situation.

The firm recommends that, prior to reaching out for representation, interested parties take advantage of the FINRA Brokercheck tool, which tracks specific brokers and documents their past financial crimes. Through the use of this tool, individuals may be able to more easily determine whether or not they may have been defrauded.

Anyone interested in FINRA arbitration claims can call 1-888-760-6552 for a free, no-obligation consultation. The firm offers their services on a contingency basis, meaning that all costs are advanced until victory is achieved.

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