Woodworking 4 Home Debuts Free Download of “Art of Woodworking” by Ted Mcgrath

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Art of Woodworking Available Free From Woodworking 4 Home

Woodworking 4 Home Debuts Free Download of “Art of Woodworking” by Ted Mcgrath

Woodworking is a fantastic hobby and art form. A valuable new resource, the “Art of Woodworking” book, is now available for free.

April 2, 2023

The interest in woodworking as a hobby is rising all of the time. Many people credit woodworking as a way to relax, develop skills, and express their creativity while ending up with furniture and other things that can be useful, make great gifts, or even sell. The hobby can also be inexpensive to explore. The popular website Woodworking 4 Home is helping greatly in this area. In exciting news, Woodworking 4 Home recently announced the 440-page ebook “Art of Woodworking” by the acclaimed Ted “Woody” Mcgrath is now available as a free download. The book has won serious praise from enthusiasts of the hobby.

“If you’re ready to start learning the art of woodworking, you need to learn the basics first to do it correctly and safely,” commented a spokesperson from the website. “Our guide will help you figure out the foundation that you can build off of to become an expert woodworker in time. The guide has 440 pages of actionable information with zero fluff. We can’t think of a better free resource that has ever been available!”

According to Woodworking 4 Home, the new guide includes topics like Workshop Essentials, Woodworking Tools & Skills, Measuring, Marking & Layout, Cutting & Drilling & Shaping, Wood Joinery, Clamping, Gluing & Fastening, and Sanding & Finishing. As importantly, the Art of Woodworking is packed with detailed, step-by-step plans for projects that can be pursued immediately. It’s a hobbyist’s dream come true.

The ebook is an instant, free download, so woodworkers can check it out and dive in right away. Just expect lots of eye-opening content for months of creative fun.

Ted Mcgrath is well-known in the woodworking world not just for his immense skill and talent but even more so for his ability as a teacher. Many woodworking books are challenging to follow, especially for beginners. Ted’s work is the opposite, always making sure the focus is on projects that can actually be executed and on skills that can be realistically learned. This emphasis has made him a favorite with those in the know.

For those who find Mcgrath’s woodworking knowledge valuable in Art of Woodworking, the book can be followed up by joining the master artisan’s unique online portal. The portal features thousands of projects for a literal lifetime of projects ranging in skill level from beginner to advance. Checking out the free ebook is a great way to see if Ted’s work fits what a hobbyist is looking for.

The feedback for the Art of Woodworking has been passionate.

Henry C., from New Hampshire, said in five-star feedback, “It’s hard to believe this ebook was free. I am so grateful to Woodworking 4 Home for introducing me to woodworking in a way I can easily follow. You have to see how much my wife loves the bookcase I made for our living room. I am already started on my next project!”

For more information and to download, visit https://woodworking4home-page.net/art-of-woodworking.


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