Melbourne Digital Nomad Living: Travel & Lifestyle Cost Guide Released

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For anyone interested in traveling to or living in Australia, Crucial Constructs has expanded its remote worker guide series to offer a lifestyle and travel resource that provides information for digital nomads in Melbourne.

The new guide provides practical information for professionals and travelers interested in living in Melbourne while maintaining a steady income as remote workers. On the Crucial Constructs website, users can find information on Melbourne’s cost of living, demographics, toponymy, and lists that include the best phone wireless carrier, the best neighborhoods to live in, and other important tips for being a digital nomad in Melbourne.

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With this resource, Crucial Constructs also provides information about Melbourne’s festivals, its vibrant art and music scenes, and how best to network, make connections, and build friendships with Melbournians.

Since Melbourne has not historically had a large tourist industry, the local communities are close-knit and thriving. While the city has a renowned dining scene, a vibrant music and art scene, multiple top-ranking universities, a booming population, and has consistently been rated as one of the most livable cities in the world, with such tight-knit local communities, it can be challenging for newcomers to know where to go to experience the best of Melbourne.

Crucial Constructs aims to make living or staying in Melbourne as a digital nomad as accessible as possible for traveling professionals. According to the Crucial Constructs guide, the cost of living in Melbourne is relatively high, at about $3585 per month, but the average monthly income is also high and the accessibility and speed of wifi in the area make remote work as efficient and productive as possible.

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