Pickleball Basics & Equipment Reviews For Beginners: Coaching Website Launched

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Experience Pickleball is a new online educational resource for pickleball players and enthusiasts.

Experience Pickleball provides players of all levels with information regarding rules, techniques, strategies, and products. The information is presented through a series of blog posts authored by website founder, Damien Dansel.

More details can be found at https://experiencepickleball.com

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. The Association of Pickleball Professionals estimates that in the United States alone there are currently 36.5 million players, and that participation over the last three years has increased by 158.6%. Experience Pickleball was launched in an effort to expose more people to the game, raise awareness about the sport’s benefits, and help players improve.

Experience Pickleball is essentially broken up into two sections—Basics and Products. In the Basics section, the posts concentrate on the rules of pickleball, coaching tips, and other game-related topics. Recent blog posts in the Basics section have explained what the “kitchen” is, offered advice on serving and volleying, and suggested ways in which tennis courts can be used as pickleball courts.

The Products section gets into the details of the pickleball equipment itself. The posts here provide reviews and recommendations for several pieces of equipment, including paddles, balls, nets, and accessories. There are also posts with specific product suggestions for both beginner and advanced players. Most of the posts also include links to Amazon pages where the products can be purchased.

All content on the new Experience Pickleball website is designed to be approachable to all audiences. In each post, Dansel tries to refrain from using jargon and sport-specific language; however, when he does, he makes sure to clearly explain it so that it’s digestible for all levels of pickleball players. The posts are also structured consistently, so referring back to them when needed is much easier.

“Pickleball is a sport that has been played for decades, yet remains unknown and ignored by many,” said Dansel. “With Experience Pickleball I’m hoping to introduce this fantastic paddle sport to young people and encourage them to start playing it. It’s a fun and easy sport on the body that keeps you fit and can be played well into old age.”

About Experience Pickleball

Experience Pickleball is the brainchild of pickleball player and sports science expert Damien Dansel. Dansel discovered pickleball in his first year of college and has been playing the sport for six years. In addition to Experience Pickleball, he also helps run local pickleball tournaments in his community.

Interested parties can find more information at https://experiencepickleball.com

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