San Francisco Waterless Nails & Dazzle Dry Mani, Same Day Appointments Launched

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Penelope and the Beauty Bar (415-306-9850), a world-class day spa and nail salon in the center of San Francisco, is now offering same-day appointments for their new waterless treatments.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar, which is open seven days a week, is now offering same day appointments for their popular facials, body treatments and nail treatments. The luxury spa has also recently made the switch to waterless nail treatments and they welcome any woman in Seattle who wishes to discover the waterless difference.

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By swapping out water baths for soothing hot towel essential oil treatments and customized body scrubs, Penelope and the Beauty Bar believes they can offer their guests both a more relaxing experience and a more genuinely beneficial one. As the latest beauty industry innovations reflect, the traditional water bath diminishes the effectiveness of both any skin treatments and the final polish.

As Nylon magazine explained, when one soaks their hands and feet in water, their nails absorb that moisture, causing their nail bed and skin to expand, meaning that when they dry, their polish often peels and their skin often becomes flaky.

Determined to be different, in addition to their hotel towel treatments and body scrubs, Penelope and the Beauty Bar has also added paraffin wax dips to their waterless nail spa experience. This new beauty treatment has become popular for its potential to deeply moisturize and soothe the skin and to improve the longevity of nail polish.

Following a waterless manicure or pedicure, guests at Penelope and the Beauty Bar can also opt to have their nails painted with Dazzle Dry polish. This natural, vegan, and non-toxic polish replaces gel nails and, rather than weakening nails, Dazzle Dry has been developed to strengthen them.

As Penelope and the Beauty Bar now takes same day bookings, guests can customize and decide on their nail spa experience as they go, with other add-ons including a hand and arm or foot massage.

A spokesperson for the world class day spa and nail salon said, “Penelope and the Beauty Bar pampers our guests with manicures and pedicures at our nail salon at Nob Hill in San Francisco. Our promise is to give you a luxurious and relaxing experience, and beautiful hands and feet!”

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