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In Connecticut, the patient-centered medical clinic, Patients Medical ((212) 794-8800), has updated its services to provide holistic treatments for prolonged diarrhea and its underlying causes.

The medical practice hopes its updated services will encourage Connecticut residents suffering from acute or chronic diarrhea to seek its functional medicine approach to treatment. With a comprehensive consultation and a series of stool or urine testing, the specialized physicians at Patients Medical can determine the root cause of a patient’s diarrhea and create a personalized treatment plan to mitigate or eradicate it, with the goal of providing long-term relief.

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With this updated service, Patients Medical offers patients a remedy for diarrhea that not only relieves the symptom itself but identifies and treats its underlying cause to prevent it from returning. Among the many possible conditions that cause diarrhea are viral or bacterial infections, digestive disorders, food intolerance, stress or anxiety, or various over-the-counter and prescription medications. If a patient has recently been traveling, Patients Medical can test for parasites or other chemicals that potentially come from poor sanitation or contaminated water abroad.

While over-the-counter medications can often effectively relieve diarrhea, if it is merely a symptom of a more serious underlying issue that doesn’t receive proper treatment, the patient’s diarrhea will eventually return.

Chronic diarrhea is often associated with digestive conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), celiac or Crohn’s disease. If any of these conditions are identified, the integrative specialists at Patients Medical will create a long-term dietary treatment plan to decrease the inflammation and irritation causing diarrhea. This plan will also work to improve the patient’s gut microbiome and promote the growth of good bacteria to provide long-term digestive health.

About Patients Medical

Located in Manhattan, Patients Medical has been providing integrative, holistic medical treatments to the surrounding communities since 1974. Over the past 35 years, the center has used state-of-the-art technology and testing to hone its exclusive protocol treatments for various conditions. In addition to holistic treatment plans, the center offers a plethora of educational literature on medical symptoms, conditions, and treatment options through the original blog series on its website.

“Just as the body’s many systems work in unison, our physicians work in a collaborative spirit to provide holistic treatments,” said one spokesperson for the center. “By leveraging each other’s specific expertise, our physicians can diagnose every aspect of your health issue and find enduring medical solutions. Through this personalized care experience, you will gain health and nutritional wisdom that can be applied for years to come.”

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