Florida Excessive Use Of Margin Attorney: Broker Fraud FINRA Arbitration Updated

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Soreide Law Group is expanding their arbitration services to assist those affected by excessive use of margin by a broker.

Soreide Law Group is reaching out to those who have been impacted by irresponsible trading by a securities broker, particularly individuals who have suffered significant losses due to unreasonable use of margin. The firm may be able to help these individuals by representing their case in front of independent FINRA arbitrators in order to pursue financial compensation.

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There is no faster way to blow up a brokerage account than to max out using margin. Individuals impacted by negligent trading of this kind may be eligible to pursue a lawsuit before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority or “FINRA”. Florida is unique in that customers can bring claims under the Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act, which provides for treble damages and attorney’s fees. With their updated service, Soreide Law Group may be able to quickly and effectively recover investments losses for customers by bringing FINRA arbitrations against negligent brokerages.

Excessive use of margin may be especially harmful to investors given that it can lead to large-scale unrecoverable losses quickly. Furthermore, it may also result in a large account deficit where the brokerage firm may want to sue the customers to get their funds back. Brokers engaging in this behavior may be liable for the damages they cause according to Florida law. Soreide Law Group specializes in recovering investors money through the FINRA Dispute Resolution forum and represents clients in all 50 states.

FINRA is a unique forum of which many of the cases settle out of FINRA. If the case does go forward there will be a neutral panel appointed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. To date, this method has been used to successfully recover full or partial funds in approximately 90% of cases represented by Soreide.

Lars Soreide, head lawyer at the firm, has been bringing cases before FINRA for many years, and is intimately familiar with the relevant case law, precedents, and negotiation tactics that are required to build a successful case. The firm is also staffed by a highly qualified team, all of whom are experts in the securities law field.

Their firm may be able to help in a wide variety of situations, and are not limited to excessive use of margin. In the past, they have overseen arbitration in cases involving illegal or unauthorized trading, bond losses, high-risk placements, excessive commission schemes, and much more.

Individuals who believe they may have a case can enlist Soreide Law Group on a contingency, meaning that clients pay nothing until a case is successful and funds have been recovered. Their team is available to provide free, no-obligation consultations to potential clients at 1-888-760-6552, or over Zoom.

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