AI Alternative Search Engine For Conservatives With Free Speech Stories Updated

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TUSK has announced a new update to its conservative-focused search engine, providing an alternative to AI search with the possibility to filter stories based on the publication.

The new TUSK Search feature is focused on free speech and is intended to help users overcome the suppression of big tech companies. The integrated browser has been built from the ground up to incorporate anti-censorship measures.

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A central focus of the new update is providing a search experience that allows users to find information without the risk of being blocked or banned based on content type. It also allows those in countries with strict censorship regulations to find information more freely.

The platform enables users to choose the news outlets they trust, with many options pre-selected for conservative users. The news feed is fully adjustable based on user preference and has integrated discoverability based on these interests.

“With TUSK Search, you don’t have to worry about being censored, monitored, or confined to a sandbox of approved information,” a spokesperson states. “You’ll have the power to access any content, anytime you want.”

In addition to its curated news feed, TUSK is also designed with security in mind and forces sites to use HTTPS when possible. This helps to protect users’ privacy and sensitive information while they browse the internet.

TUSK is available across multiple platforms, including Android and iOS, as well as Windows and Mac. With apps for mobile devices and desktop computers, users can enjoy a uniform browsing experience no matter what device they are using.

Jeff Bermant, the company founder, is a conservative who is passionate about free speech and has 13 years of experience in browser development. He believes that conservative voices are often silenced online and that TUSK can provide a platform for these voices to be heard.

The spokesperson adds: “TUSK is designed to provide you with an alternative to the mainstream search engines that promote liberal bias and censorship of right media. It focuses on providing users with transparency in search results. With filters for right, left, and center, you can see the whole picture, not only what tech giants want you to see.”

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