IoT-Enabled Supply Chain Tracking Software For Global Pharmaceuticals Updated

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A software development company providing supply chain visibility for the pharmaceutical and food industries announces updates to its IoT-enabled track and trace suite for global pharmaceutical compliance.

The latest launch from rfxcel – part of the Antares Vision Group – assists manufacturers, distributors, dispensers, and regulators in delivering high-quality, verified products and maintaining standards across an entire supply chain. The company addresses the challenges of international compliance with advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

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The announcement details how the rfxcel system enables tracking of pharmaceutical products from raw ingredients to finished goods, augmented by real-time cold chain monitoring and a suite of predictive analytics features. Via innovative serialization and aggregation software, rfxcel users benefit from automated supply chain management with the ability to take corrective action in real time.

The pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors understandably have some of the most complex and intensely-regulated supply chain systems in the world. The Covid-19 pandemic raised the stakes higher still for an industry used to dealing with life-or-death outcomes for the world population. Increased international regulation has heaped more pressure on supply chain partners to bring accountability and transparency to their operations.

Through serialization, rfxcel allows users to assign unique digital identities to individual products or packages. This can be applied down to the unit level, making it an ideal solution for medication as well as medical devices. Aggregated packages are also given a unique identifying code, containing all of the relevant information about the serialized products therein.

The software’s compliance solutions are helping users combat the rising incidence of counterfeit drugs and fraudulent suppliers. This is redressing the problem of eroding consumer trust and the expectation of data-based accountability in the digital age. The rfxcel compliance system reports directly to all government agencies across the globe, making international supply lines more robust and efficient than ever.

About rfxcel

Since its inception in 2003, founders Glenn Abood and Jack Tarkoff have led rfxcel’s pioneering work in pharmaceutical supply chain solutions. With IoT-enabled track and trace, the company is spearheading a new model of compliance for the pharma industry.

A spokesperson says, “IoT devices are engineered to connect to the internet and transmit data about their surroundings. Equipped with sensors that utilize cellular networks and actuators that can change their environments, IoT is the final step, and perhaps the most crucial step to total supply chain continuity, visibility, and productivity.”

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