Pamela Bruner Coaching Services Marketing, Lead Gen Program Updated May 2023

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As coaching grows into a fiercely competitive industry, experienced coach Pamela Bruner is continuing to expand her coaching program to help life coaches with marketing in today’s challenging environment.

Pamela Bruner, premier business coach, is announcing new strategic marketing solutions to coaches to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment, remain competitive, and attract high-paying clients.

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The coaching industry has become increasingly competitive, says Bruner, with more than 71,000 coaches worldwide – up 33% since 2015. As part of her latest announcement, the experienced coach emphasizes the importance of an effective marketing program to help coaches target the right clients and grow their businesses.

And that, she says, requires incorporating strategies that respond to the needs of today’s coaches and their clients, as opposed to sticking to potentially outdated traditional approaches.

“We are living in a new reality. What worked before doesn’t work now,” says Bruner. “One of the things that breaks my heart is when someone says that they tried to work some guru’s model of something he did eight years ago that was successful then. We need new marketing methods that work for today.”

Pamela Bruner, who went from earning $375 a month to seven figures within 3 years, shares her expertise in her Attract Clients Online program, guiding coaches on how to get 10,000 leads per year by targeting potential clients, setting up lead capture pages, and driving the right traffic to those pages.

“Get an expert to help you craft your funnel, then learn enough about what makes a good ad and creates good results to be able to know what you need to do,” Bruner explains. “Then either do it yourself or hire an inexpensive virtual assistant to push the buttons – because at that point, you’re savvy enough about what’s going on to supervise without doing all the work. If this sounds like a plan, you’ll need to hire an expert to help you know what to do.”

Bruner’s program provides a comprehensive approach to building a sustainable coaching business by refining coaches’ branding, offer, and funnel strategies. Bruner offers a year-long mastermind program for those looking to leverage the systems that have helped her achieve remarkable success.

Over the past 14 years, Bruner’s strategies, which are taught in the Attract Clients Online, have helped numerous coaches build successful businesses by improving their targeting and visibility, and getting seen by prospects who value their expertise and are willing to pay for their services.

“In the first six weeks of working with Pamela, I have booked $68,000 worth of clients for my programs,” said a satisfied coach. “I’m so happy I joined Pamela’s program!”

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