Custom Gold & Silver Foil Diploma Holders; Hard Cover Leatherette Range Updated

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Hey Congrats, producers of authentic academic certificates and accessories, updates its selection of protective presentation covers and folders.

The enhanced range is designed to suit a variety of academic achievements, including homeschool diplomas, university degrees, and professional certificates of completion. Clients can now also select from multiple customization options, such as blue, red, green, maroon, or black finishes, and up to two lines of gold or silver foil lettering.

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Hey Congrats developed its latest line of covers and folders to complement its replacement certificate design and print services, which are also available for home school, high school, and university graduates. Manufactured using high-quality leatherette, satin ribbon, and hardboard, the new covers are designed to offer maximum protection for any type of certificate.

Graduation from school or university represents a significant milestone in life, and many individuals want to reflect the importance of the occasion by having their certificates presented in a dedicated holder. In addition, such covers are an increasingly popular way of storing certificates, as they can help to prevent damage or warping.

Hey Congrats states that its enhanced line of presentation holders is designed to have a premium look and feel, and the use of hardboard backing also allows for greater levels of protection. Sizes now offered include 8 x 6, 8.5 x 11, A4, and 11 x 14, with the A4 sizing being a less common option. Fully customized designs are also available on request.

“Our diploma holders are very durable and more sleek than the typical ones you see online,” a company representative explained. “They come with a variation of stamped text in embossed gold or silver foil and we also make custom diploma holders with your logo, text or both, so they can be used for various purposes.”

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About Hey Congrats

In addition to direct-to-consumer services, Hey Congrats offers bulk certificates and cover supplies for businesses throughout the US. The firm has worked with several prestigious organizations, including the Library of Congress, Boston College, and the City of McAllen Police Department.

“I ordered a hardback leatherette high school diploma cover, and it was exactly the same as pictured on the Hey Congrats website,” one client recently stated. “The shipping was super quick, and the customized lettering is perfect. Thanks to everyone at Hey Congrats for doing such a good job.”

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