Luxury Residential Gas Strut Window With Built-In Insect Screen Launched

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OpenUp Windows, a gas strut window designer and maker based in New York, has a new luxury model of their popular residential flip-out pass-through window.

As a custom window maker, OpenUp Windows is dedicated to crafting premium-end products using innovative design processes and high-quality materials. Now, they have a new luxury model of their popular gas strut window which features an on-trend minimalist design, uses sustainable acclaimed Accoya® wood, and includes new features like a built-in insect screen.

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OpenUp Windows has released their new luxury model because they appreciate Americans are spending more time at home than ever. According to the latest American Time Use Survey, people are now spending 62% of their waking hours at home, up from 50% in 2019. As such, homeowners across the country are investing more time and interest in their home design, and are looking for luxury comforts and finishes that will improve the way they enjoy their home.

OpenUp Windows believes that their new gas strut window is a luxury investment, without a luxury price tag. They are confident that their flip-out pass-through window—which holds itself open at a 90-degree angle—will allow homeowners to give their kitchen, dining room or family room a completely new lease on life by connecting it to their exterior spaces.

They also recommend that individuals, couples and families who are in the midst of building a new home consider how one of their minimalist and stylish windows can become both an aesthetic center point for a new design concept and a literal center of the home, the space which fluidly and openly connects indoors and outdoors. Especially in smaller townhouse-style new builds, OpenUp Windows’ gas strut window can create both extra kitchen space and extra outdoor bar space.

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The window makers’ luxury new model has been crafted in premium materials like Accoya® wood, extruded aluminum and insulated glass. Reflecting its quality components, their latest model comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

A spokesperson for the window designers and makers said, “When you invest in a gas strut pass-through kitchen window for your space, you want to ensure that it not only stands the test of time, but is expertly crafted and sustainably sourced. When you choose an OpenUp Window, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best, guaranteed.”

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