Customized Commercial Servery Window With Built-In Insect Screen Launched

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New York-based window engineers and makers OpenUp Windows have launched a new customized commercial servery window.

Their new servery window represents over 40 years of engineering and design development and refinement, and features a functional flip-out gas strut structure and a minimalist design aesthetic. OpenUp Windows’ new commercial servery window can also be customized to any size specifications, comes in a variety of finishes, including a completely custom color, and now offers clients more customizable add-ons.

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One popular new add-on is the window makers’ built-in insect screen, which has become particularly in demand as summer approaches. OpenUp Windows appreciates that in a commercial kitchen or bar space being insect free is key, which is why they want to retail a window that both opens the flow of meal and drink ordering and pickup, whilst still helping to keep insects at bay when it is not in active use.

As standard, the window engineers make their commercial flip-out gas strut windows with a patented 2Fold® Technology that combines extruded aluminum and Accoya® wood. This double-insulated structure makes their windows more durable, functional and energy-efficient.

OpenUp Windows’ latest commercial servery window also features a new single-handle easy locking system that makes it both easy to use and completely secure.

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Flip-out gas strut windows have become increasingly popular amongst American restauranteurs and bar owners and OpenUp Windows believes their aesthetically pleasing and functional model will offer their hospitality clients extra indoor and outdoor kitchen and/or bar space, more efficient ordering and serving functionality, and create a better vibe for patrons by connecting indoor and outdoor areas.

OpenUp Windows has a 4- to 6-week delivery time frame for all their windows, including customized orders. They also offer all commercial clients a full 10-year warranty with an additional 40-year warranty for certain parts.

A spokesperson for the New York-based window engineers and makers said, “The OpenUp team has over 4 decades of experience in window design, manufacturing, and installation—serving some of the most innovative companies throughout the United States and Europe. Join their ranks today by ordering a window from America’s best and discover the OpenUp difference.”

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