Atlassian Equips Jira and Confluence Platforms With Generative AI

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Atlassian launches Atlassian Intelligence, an AI-powered virtual teammate for Jira and Confluence. The chatbot generates teamwork graphs, automates support interactions, summarizes meetings, provides explanations of terms, and offers automated answers based on uploaded documents. Release is expected in July 2023.

Atlassian, the leading Australian team collaboration and productivity software, has reportedly rolled out Atlassian Intelligence—the company’s AI-powered “virtual teammate”—for Jira and Confluence platforms.

According to TechTarget, the declaration of the launch of the chatbot came on April 19th during the company’s Team ’23 annual conference for software providers held in Las Vegas.

Atlassian Intelligence is part of the company’s latest software upgrade suite, which the software giant hopes will keep pace with a technology sector now witnessing massive use of artificial intelligence.

“With AI technology advancing rapidly, we’re excited to share how we’re bringing its power and magic to the full family of Atlassian Cloud products through Atlassian Intelligence that can unleash the potential of every team,” said Sherif Mansour, Head of Product AI, Atlassian. “With more than 20 years of data on how millions of software, IT, and business teams plan, track, and deliver work, Atlassian Intelligence has a unique understanding of teamwork.”

Atlassian ensures this AI assistive tool is available only with its cloud products; Atlassian Data Center is still not equipped with Atlassian Intelligence.

In-Depth Insight into Atlassian Intelligence Chatbot

Atlassian Intelligence is built on top of the company’s own model and in collaboration with OpenAI.

Developed by leveraging large language models with generative AI at the core, Atlassian Intelligence helps teams better comprehend their tasks and their interconnection by producing “teamwork graphs”. The open approach of the Atlassian platform further enriches the teamwork graph by adding more data and context from the third-party software.

The always-on “virtual teammate” enables teams to curate perfect responses in Atlassian’s Jira Service Management (JSM). By stripping away repetitive requests from support teams, thus enabling teams to focus on business-critical tasks, it helps bolster team productivity. On top of that, Atlassian Intelligence enables JSM users to help automate support interactions right from inside Microsoft Teams and Slack.

In Confluence, Atlassian Intelligence helps summarise recent meetings with decision outlines and action items that were agreed upon. In the Confluence collaboration platform, Atlassian’s ‘virtual teammate’ can auto-generate explanations of terms in a document if clicked by a user and deliver links to other documents if required.

Furthermore, for a question typed into a chat box, Atlassian Intelligence can provide users with automated answers based on the documents uploaded to Confluence. It can also generate blog posts or Tweets leveraging documents as reference material.

This generative AI assistive tool can also convert natural language queries into SQL (Structured query language) or JQL (Jira Query language) to help track down issues across all Jira Cloud products.

Again, in Jira Software, Atlassian Intelligence helps developers efficiently and swiftly devise test plans, thus facilitating product development.

With this chatbot, the company is committed to helping teams collaborate seamlessly to accelerate their teamwork.

Atlassian products help teams drive business agility while also bolstering their productivity.

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Wrapping Up

Atlassian Intelligence is expected to be released starting in July 2023. Companies that seek to try Atlassian’s generative AI-powered assistive tool are urged to join a waitlist.