Nashville Goldstone Financial Group Launches Annuities Planning Service

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Goldstone Financial Group (630-620-9300) announces its financial planning service for individuals in Nashville, Tennessee, who are interested in using annuities to reduce their taxes.

Goldstone Financial Group has now added annuities planning to their established retirement and investment planning services. The company is now specializing in annuities, which are known as ‘tax-deferred’ investments, as they believe annuities can help Nashville residents to better grow their investment portfolios in the long term.

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With many states across the US raising their taxes, including Tennessee, Goldstone Financial Group is increasingly recommending annuities for retirement planning because taxes are only applied to annuities when the money is withdrawn. This means that, until these funds are required by the investor, which will generally be post-retirement, they will continue to grow with interest, tax-free.

Given the current volatility of the market, Goldstone Financial Group also highlights that annuities are an increasingly prudent choice for investors, especially those who are more risk-averse. With Goldstone Financial Group’s financial planning service, they will help their clients to select between fixed, variable, and indexed annuities according to their current earnings and savings, their retirement timeline, and their retirement investment goals.

As the cost of living and inflation continues to rise, Goldstone Financial Group emphasizes that a diversified investment portfolio is essential for a good retirement, which is why they are now helping individuals to invest via annuities, in addition to more traditional instruments such as stock and property.

Goldstone Financial Group constantly updates its financial planning services to suit the current market conditions, and they now also offer combined retirement planning and tax planning services to help their clients live better both now and in the future.

All of Goldstone Financial Group’s financial advisory services are developed with a view to helping clients create a long-term, innovative, tax-efficient, comprehensive, steady, and diversified investment plan. They believe that after decades of hard work and saving, the people of Nashville deserve to live well throughout their golden years.

Anthony Pellegrino​, founder and CEO of the financial planning group, said, “Retirement income planning services are essential for individuals nearing or in retirement to ensure they have a reliable income stream throughout their golden years. Goldstone Financial Group specializes in developing effective retirement plans, so that you can live a life in retirement worthy of the sacrifices you’ve made to get there.”

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