Wi-Fi Hotspot Router For Mobile Homes In Rural Areas: No Contract Service Launch

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Spacelink Installs (844-WIFI-MAN), a satellite TV and Internet installation company based in Nashville, Georgia, has launched new Wi-Fi routers specially designed for owners of mobile homes.

Following the recent announcement, the company offers recreational vehicle (RV) owners a way to access home-quality 4G LTE wireless Internet service safely and conveniently in rural areas.

More details are available at https://spacelinkinstalls.com/wifi/

With the launch of Spacelink Installs’ new offering, RV owners will be able to take advantage of fast, reliable Wi-Fi service whenever and wherever they need it, at affordable prices. No contracts or credit checks are required.

Spacelink Installs uses AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile towers to provide network connections to customers in rural locations who would otherwise be unable to use ground services like DSL and cable. These services allow rural homeowners to engage in high-data Internet activities like using email, posting on social media, and sending photos and videos to friends and family with little or no lag time.

With Spacelink Installs’ services, customers who would like to access Wi-Fi hotspots from their mobile homes need to take three simple steps: order their Spacelink Wi-Fi device, power on the device once they receive it, and then connect to their Wi-Fi service for streaming, gaming, browsing, and other online activities.

Once they have set up their router, customers can enjoy reliable LTE Internet access in their mobile home while stationary or on the road, and without roaming fees. Because Spacelink’s wireless LTE hotspot is portable, there is no need for extra equipment like cable boxes or wires.

About Spacelink Installs

Spacelink Installs’ seasoned professionals have been installing satellite TV and Internet in south Georgia and North Florida for over 20 years. They specialize in installing satellite Internet systems in both home and business properties, offering all the necessary installation factors, from cable routing and mount types to system grounding and fastening supplies. Their professional installs meet modern-day standards and can be completed in two hours or less.

One satisfied customer said, “I have an RV and take annual road trips across the country. Spacelink has been a blessing. I now get stronger and more reliable Wi-Fi on my trips than ever before. It’s worked in every state I’ve passed through, and it made my trips much more comfortable.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://spacelinkinstalls.com/wifi/

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