Ventura Cosmetic Dentistry, Treatment For Bad Breath, Same-Day Service Updated

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The Anacapa Dental Art Institute (805-988-8985) can help clients to repair cosmetic damage, consistent bad breath, or missing teeth, using an updated same-day service that allows clients to access full veneers, or fully implanted teeth, in a single visit.

Using an in-house dental laboratory and a team of specialists, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute offers the same services provided by traditional dentists, with an updated same-day service model that allows most operations to be completed in a single visit.

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The new same-day services include a variety of options for whitening, straightening, and contouring unsightly teeth, as well as options for a complete smile makeover. Clients can also access a same-day All-On-4 plus service that provides fully implanted and functional dentures while eliminating any time clients would otherwise spend without their teeth.

The same-day All-On-4 plus procedure includes the removal of existing teeth, surgically implanting approximately four to six posts in the client’s jaw, and providing a new set of permanent teeth in a single visit. While this process may require an additional visit before the operation, for the dental team to get scans, impressions, or X-rays, clients will never be asked to leave the office without their teeth.

To ensure that clients do not cause further damage to their existing teeth, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute has updated its in-house lab with innovative touchless scanning technology that eliminates the need for dental impressions. The 3d scanning tools also allow the dental team to build more accurate models of the client’s mouth and jaw, which are used to help guide the surgeon during the implant process.

While the All-On-4 plus procedure is not an entirely new technique, it has been updated to provide the same level of strength and durability, while requiring fewer implanted posts. The new technique also entirely eliminates the need for bone grafts, and while additional posts may be needed on rare occasions, the surgical team will add as many as required, at no additional cost.

All of the updated procedures are accessible by clients while using one of the clinic’s four sedation options.

About The Anacapa Dental Art Institute:

The Anacapa Dental Art Institute was founded by Dr. Saj Jivraj, who co-authored the book “Treatment Planning in Implant Dentistry.” He is known for his work teaching the All-On-4 procedure to dentists around the world and was voted the Best In the USA by his peers.

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