Fort Lauderdale Integrative Medicine Treatment For Chronic Headaches Launched

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New You Medical (954-858-5888), an integrative and regenerative medicine clinic based in Fort Lauderdale, has a new holistic treatment plan for headache sufferers.

The functional medicine clinic seeks to get to the root causes of illnesses and to see patients as a whole person. Now, ‘New You Medical’ is specifically reaching out to individuals in and around Fort Lauderdale who are suffering from chronic headaches, whether these are tension headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, or migraines.

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‘New You Medical’ is reaching out particularly to headache sufferers because of the increasing prevalence of the condition. According to the latest figures from the CDC, headaches are one of the most common physical afflictions endured by people in the United States, with up to 20% of adults reporting having suffered a severe headache or migraine in the last three months.

The doctors at ‘New You Medical’ appreciate that headaches can feel truly life-ruining, impacting a person’s ability to perform at their place of work, enjoy their free time with family and friends, and even sleep and eat. They also appreciate that for most people, over-the-counter paracetamol and ibuprofen often do little to mask the pain, and certainly nothing to address its causes, which is what they seek to do with their new treatment plans.

While conventional medicine often struggles to get to the root cause of headaches, the integrative medicine clinic believes their functional practices can more successfully diagnose the underlying issues and conditions that can cause regular or chronic headaches. And, with their new functional medicine services, they will look at factors as diverse as nutritional deficiencies, gut and microbiome health, hormone imbalances, exposure to environmental toxins, inflammation and genetics.

The team at ‘New You Medical’ are confident that once they gain a clearer picture of a person’s health, they can develop a holistic treatment plan that will aid headache sufferers.

‘New You Medical’ was founded by Dr. Sharon McQuillan and is staffed by a team of highly experienced specialist physicians and integrative and regenerative medicine practitioners.

A spokesperson for the functional medicine and holistic health clinic said, “​At New You Medical, our functional medicine providers use an evidence-based approach to get to the root cause of your health issues and concerns. Our functional medicine experts work tirelessly to find the answers so you can feel better.”

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