HealthyLine PEMF Far-Infrared Mat For Pain & Fatigue: Heat Therapy Pad Updated

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HealthyLine has launched a new version of their PEMF therapy mats, known as the Platinum InfraMat Pro.

This new product from the HealthyLine team is upgraded in almost every way from its predecessors and can provide enhanced infrared, PEMF, and negative ion therapy. These mats are intended to improve sleep, stimulate cell regeneration, and relieve daily stress and tension using an array of science-based techniques.

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The enhancements made to this new version of their therapy mat product line provide users with a high degree of control over their experience, depending on their desired results. The mat can deliver far-infrared, hot stone, negative ion, and photon light therapies from a single control panel.

Each of these therapy methods is reported to provide unique benefits to the body. Negative ion therapy, for example, has been shown to boost serotonin production in the body by stimulating certain biochemical reactions. These negative ions are produced by a selection of semi-precious minerals, which in this case have been integrated into the mat design. For instance, each mat is embedded with a combination of amethyst, obsidian, jade, quartz, and tourmaline, each of which is thought to emit negative ions to varying degrees.

Likewise, far infrared therapy has been shown to have some impact when relieving pain and stress due to its ability to stimulate deep tissues in the body. This method when combined with the heating capabilities of the InfraMat Pro is intended to facilitate a full-body relaxation experience, especially when the mat is used overnight.

The final method used by the mat, PEMF therapy, is intended to stimulate biological healing processes directly through the use of weak electrical current. This same method has been applied differently in certain areas of neuroscience to boost mood and provide general relief to patients suffering from conditions such as depression. The applications of this technology are wide-ranging and have produced generally positive results across the board for those who use PEMF regularly.

Combining these many therapy methods into a single mat, HealthyLine is providing their customers with an all-in-one solution for many common, low-level ailments. The design of the mat has also been improved to boost comfort and relaxation with a thick padded cotton cover.

The mat also comes standard with a weatherproof covering and carrying case, enhanced control module, and foil heat-capture blanket. Each product also comes with a 5-year warranty to protect against manufacturing issues, with an additional 90-day trial period available to all customers.

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