San Antonio 24/7 Automotive Smart Key & Remote Duplication Service Updated

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Pop-A-Lock San Antonio (210-222-0007), a company providing 24/7 locksmith services, recently updated its replacement and duplication service for automotive keys.

With the update, Pop-A-Lock San Antonio can now duplicate both traditional metal keys and smart keys for almost all makes and models of vehicles. The new keys can be made and programmed on the spot and are ready for immediate use.

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Most cars today are operated using smart keys, fobs, or push-to-start remotes because they are more convenient, secure, and ergonomic. However, many cars still require traditional metal keys to function. In the past, getting a replacement or duplicate made urgently for either style of key could be challenging, but now, following its recent update, Pop-A-Lock San Antonio can make new keys for customers in a matter of minutes.

In terms of smart keys, Pop-A-Lock San Antonio can program new ones for most cars. Because of their partnerships with major dealerships and manufacturers, they have access to all the hardware and software needed to duplicate them. Their experts are trained in navigating the delicate circuit boards of most modern smart keys, and they can also replace batteries.

For traditional metal keys, Pop-A-Lock San Antonio’s expert locksmiths will cut a new one on-site using durable materials and advanced tools. They will ensure that the key fits into the ignition, door locks, and trunk lock without getting stuck or causing damage. They can also attach key tags for easier tracking if needed.

In addition to key replacement and duplication, Pop-A-Lock San Antonio also provides key extractions and ignition repairs. Older traditional metal keys tend to file down over time or even break off in the ignition. In these instances, Pop-A-Lock’s locksmiths will not only extract the key, but they will repair the ignition if needed and make a replacement key.

“We can duplicate or replace virtually every make and model of automotive key and smart key quickly and for lower costs than a dealership,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Also, if your key breaks off or gets stuck, our automotive experts are trained to extract it safely without damaging the ignition or lock further.”

About Pop-A-Lock San Antonio

Pop-A-Lock San Antonio has been providing professional locksmith services since 1996. It is one of over 4,500 Pop-A-Lock franchises operating in the United States, Canada, and Australia. In addition to its locksmith services, the company also runs the PALSavesKids™ Community Program, a no-cost emergency service that helps get loved ones, children, and pets out of locked vehicles.

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