Toronto Synthetic Turf Play Area Installation For Dogs & Pets: Service Updated

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Lazy Lawn (888-622-5296), a company specializing in artificial grass lawns, recently updated its synthetic turf installation service for dog owners in Toronto.

Lazy Lawn’s updated service provides dog owners with low-maintenance artificial turf play areas for outdoor and indoor spaces. The turf comes in many different colours, shapes, and sizes and is made to feel and react like natural grass.

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Artificial turf is becoming increasingly popular among dog owners. This is because it is much more resilient than traditional grass and can withstand any wear and tear inflicted by the dog’s claws, paws, or nails. Aesthetically too, artificial turf technology is at a point where it is almost indistinguishable from traditional grass. With its update, Lazy Lawn is trying to help dog owners and their dogs enjoy the many benefits that artificial turf has to offer.

In terms of turf types, Lazy Lawn offers customers seven different styles to choose from—Emerald Rye, Kentucky Blue Lite, Lemongrass, Luxurious Fescue, Natural Fescue, Spring Fescue, and Viridian Rye. The turfs come in different thatches and pile heights and can be cut to fit any area.

As far as installation, Lazy Lawn’s experts will start by excavating any existing grass and levelling the ground. They will then lay down weed barriers and drainage systems followed by the base materials. Once those are in place, the infill is laid down and then the turf itself is installed. While installing the turf, Lazy Lawn is careful to abide by all city bylaws, and they will also help dog owners get the necessary permits if needed.

By having artificial turf installed for their pets, dog owners benefit significantly. Artificial turf is very low-maintenance and easy to clean, and it doesn’t require any weeding, mowing, fertilizing, or seeding. It’s also durable and safe for dogs. Some research has even shown that artificial turf can help with a dog’s mental and physical well-being.

“Artificial turf is the perfect solution for pet owners who want to provide their dogs with a safe and secure place to play,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We can install it in any area where dogs will be allowed outside—backyards, front yards, side yards—and we’ll ensure it goes with the rest of the landscaping.”

Clients who are interested in getting artificial turf for their dogs can call Lazy Lawn at the number in the description or get a no-obligation estimate by using the DIY quote generator on their website.

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