MA Services in the Community: Ipswich Jets and MA Join Forces For 2021 Season

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MA Services Group, a highly innovative Australian company specialising in security, cleaning, and customer-focused services, reviews their important partnership with the Ipswich Jets in 2021, one of Queensland’s premier sports clubs.

In 2021, Ipswich Jets, one of Queensland’s premier sports clubs, expressed excitement as they announced an important partnership with MA Services Group (MASG), a highly innovative Australian company specialising in security, cleaning, and customer-focused services. The article announcing the collaboration can be viewed here: . The sponsorship deal for that season was anticipated to deliver mutual benefits, excitement, and a renewed commitment to the local community.

MASG has been operating for over a decade as a 100% Australian-owned firm, providing top-tier security solutions while maintaining a low-profile presence. Their dedicated employees can often be seen ensuring safety and cleanliness in a variety of areas throughout the country, including shopping centres, shops, transportation hubs, and government buildings. MA Services has established itself as a trusted name in the security services sector, thanks to their industry professionals’ considerable expertise in retail, facilities management, property, events, and industrial sectors.

The collaboration with Ipswich Jets was seen as an exciting opportunity for both organisations to work together for the benefit of the local community. The Ipswich Jets have a large and passionate fan following, and this support has contributed to their success on and off the field.

The partnership between the Ipswich Jets and MA Services Group was perceived as an excellent opportunity for community engagement and support. Both organisations acknowledged the value of local businesses investing in and supporting local sports clubs, which had a positive impact on the entire community. The Ipswich Jets had always been deeply interwoven in the community fabric, and their partnership with MASG cemented their dedication to the city and its residents.

MASG’s experience in security, cleaning, and customer service was expected to enhance the safety and overall experience for everyone associated with Ipswich Jets. As part of their commitment to delivering peace of mind, MASG’s security solutions were to ensure the safety and protection of players, staff, fans, and the wider community at events, functions, and the team’s properties. This partnership was set to allow the Ipswich Jets to focus on their performance while also creating a safe environment for their stakeholders.

The partnership was also seen as a way to celebrate the return of live football after lockdowns and Covid. Ipswich, a rapidly growing city with limitless opportunities, was viewed as a place where the partnership could play a pivotal role in its development and success. The collaboration aimed to celebrate the passion of the game, stimulate community participation, and create unforgettable memories for fans and supporters.

About the Ipswich Jets

The Ipswich Jets are a well-known sports team headquartered in Ipswich, Queensland. They have a strong and passionate fan following and a long history of success in their particular grade of Rugby League. The squad has always been active in community activities, with the goal of developing local talent and providing a great athletic experience for their fans.

About MA Services Group

MA Services Group (MASG) is an Australian-owned firm that specialises in security, cleaning, and customer-focused services. They have emerged as industry professionals with a decade of expertise, providing top-tier security solutions to numerous sectors around the country. Their dedication to excellence and client satisfaction has earned them a reputable name in the business. To learn more about their wide range of services across Australia, visit or call 1300 02 04 06.