Oversized Abstract Wall Art To Transform Large Empty Walls, Collection Announced

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BIG Wall Décor, the world’s largest online oversized art retailer, announces a new collection of massive abstract wall hangings. The store’s prints are made from lightweight fabric, so they’re easy to hang and swap out for seasonal redecorating.

At its core, art shouldn’t be about strict rules or idealized likenesses. It’s about emotion, tone, and the atmosphere it creates. And a new curated collection of abstract art from BIG Wall Décor offers unique pieces to fit every space and mood.

Interested parties can learn more at https://bigwalldecor.com/product-category/abstract-wall-art

The collection features abstract art pieces as diverse as the up-and-coming artists who created them. Artur Chen invites the eyes to relax with flowing, pillowy brush strokes in neutrals, blues, and yellows. For more whimsical spaces, artist Olivia Herrick strikes a cheerful, lighthearted tone with bold shapes and primary colors. Digital creator Jamison Gish layers vibrant colors and soft shapes to draw out intense emotion. At BIG Wall Décor, artists are paid each time one of their prints is purchased.

At first glance, abstract art may seem like a mixture of random colors, lines, and shapes. But the elements are selected to create an emotional connection. The style originated at the beginning of the 20th century in reaction to the tired, predictable expectations of the elite who commissioned the works commonly accepted to be “art”. Up until then, artistic elements such as form, color, texture, and line were used to create images of man, nature, or civilization. As the movement evolved, artists began to abandon the classic image in favor of concentration on hue and form in a way that evokes deep feelings.

To infuse a space with energy and friendliness, BIG Wall Décor recommends abstract pieces with shades of red, warm orange, and yellow. Abstract art washed in blue hues creates peaceful feelings that foster a tranquil, inviting mood. Pieces depicting bold black and white shapes command attention with their powerful presence. In contrast, neutral wall hangings promote a natural, comfortable atmosphere. Earthy green tones provide an aura of balance and hope. And the collection from the online retailer offers all these options and more.

Since it’s timeless and seasonless, abstract art makes a natural permanent focal point for blank walls. But for those who prefer to redecorate seasonally, BIG Wall Décor’s lightweight fabric prints are easily swappable.

To view the abstract art shop or other collections, visit https://bigwalldecor.com

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