Memorable & Shareable Creative Marketing: Business Innovation Guide Released

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LO:LA, a full-service agency providing innovative marketing solutions, has released a guide highlighting the benefits of creative marketing for businesses.

The new guide from LO:LA shares five reasons why creative marketing is important when trying to capture customers’ attention and stand out in an industry. The guide considers business and customer viewpoints and examines how creative marketing can affect both.

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According to LO:LA’s latest guide, the first thing that creative marketing achieves is to differentiate businesses from their competition. If their marketing is unique and attention-grabbing, it can propel their products and service into the forefront of the public’s consciousness, which is necessary if businesses want to stand out in today’s saturated marketplace.

Creative marketing is also more likely to be memorable, the guide says. Innovative marketing campaigns prove that businesses are willing to take chances and be trendsetters in their industries, which many customers appreciate and look for. Creative marketing also tends to connect better emotionally with customers because it usually has a distinct voice that many customers can relate to and be inspired by.

The guide also argues that creative marketing is more shareable than traditional marketing. This is because creative marketing tends to lean into new and quirky ideas that customers will be eager to show to others. With sharing comes an increase in brand reach and awareness, both of which are significantly beneficial to businesses.

Lastly, LO:LA believes that by being creative with marketing, businesses are driving innovation. Coming up with fresh ways of promoting a brand requires a lot of outside-the-box thinking, which businesses can utilize in other aspects of their company. Businesses that encourage creativity tend to attract creative people, which also helps them in the long run.

“Creativity is essential for promoting a brand because it helps you stand out, be remembered, create emotional connections, be more shareable, and drive innovation,” said a spokesperson for the company. “By embracing creativity in your marketing efforts, you can differentiate your brand, build loyalty, and drive growth.”

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