Experts Explain the Earn2Trade Challenge

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( — June 6, 2023) —

If you’re an aspiring or experienced trader seeking a chance or platform to put your skills to the test and get a taste of real-life futures trading with other people’s money. Then it would be best if you look at the Earn2Trade Challenge.

Aside from pre-funded trading accounts, users can access educational courses, indicators, and much more. This organization offers a unique and effective way to learn as a trader and reach your financial goals through Earn2Trade Challenge regulations, a demanding curriculum, and a hands-on approach.

We discussed with Traders Union experts the Earn2Trade challenge, highlighting details of the Earn2Trade challenge rules, Earn2Trade challenge fee, and potential benefits of participating.

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What is Earn2Trade Challenge?

Earn2Trade Challenge is a well-known, all-inclusive trading education program. Earn2Trade, as a prop company, gives traders an edge to trade on the firm’s capital to generate big gains from market price swings.

Through online education and mentorship, it assists all aspiring traders in delving into understanding financial markets and developing their fundamental and analytical trading skills.

The Earn2Trade Challenge costs $199, allowing traders to demonstrate their trading talents and qualify for a funded trading account. Successful traders can access up to $500,000 in purchasing power, a competitive profit share, and expert trading education and resources.

How to Become an Earn2Trade Funded Trader?

Traders Union experts revealed the three challenges Earn2Trade provides – Trader Career Path, Mini Gauntlet, and Gauntlet – to provide the education, skills, and experience required to succeed. Users who complete these challenges can open a real-money trading account with Appius Trading or Helios Trading Partners and keep 80% of their trade earnings.

How to Complete the Earn2Trade Challenge?

Traders Union experts equally published the details of how to complete the Earn2Trade challenge successfully:

Regarding TCP and Gauntlet Mini:

·  There should be at least 15 days of trade.

·  Your profit target should be determined by your account size, for example, $1,750 for a $25,000 TCP account.

·  Maintain consistency and balance in your strategy by ensuring that no trading day accounts for more than 30% of total profit and loss.

·  Finally, keep your account balance higher than the minimum.

For Gauntlet:

·  Traders must complete a minimum of 30 days of trading and make at least one trade weekly to earn a 10% profit with a 10% maximum drawdown until The Gauntlet period concludes.

Stages of Earn2Trade Challenge

According to Traders Union Experts, the stages of the Earn2Trade Challenge are as follows;

Ø  TCP begins with an evaluation test using a simulated funded account, and traders can quickly withdraw earnings if they move through the Trader Career Path stages and meet particular profit goals, gaining access to more trading cash. For example, if you hit the $2,400 profit target, you can increase your TCP account amount to $100,000.

Ø  The procedure for Gauntlet Mini is the same as for TCP. For example, if you hit the $1750 profit target within the month, Earn2Trade’s partnered prop business will switch your virtual trading account to a real funded trading account.

Earn2Trade Challenge Fees

According to Traders Union the Earn2Trade challenge fees are;

For Trader Career Path

For a TCP of $25,000, a monthly subscription of $90 is required.

A monthly subscription of $152 for a TCP of $50,000 is required.

For Gauntlet Mini:

The following are the subscription fees for each account type:

For $50,000, a monthly subscription of $136 is required.

For $1,000,000, a monthly subscription of $252 is required.

For $1,50,000, a monthly membership of $280 is required.

For $200,000, a monthly membership of $440 is required.

Top 5 Tips on the Earn2Trade Challenge.

Traders Union experts advised that clients must go through the audition procedure after completing the educational phase, which is intended to determine their potential to become successful traders. It involves:

·  RTrader Pro is the way to go if you need a fast connection. It’s the data feed you’ll most likely utilize when taking your Gauntlet Mini, and Rithmic makes it.

·  Exiting profitable deals and avoiding being overly concerned with the prospect of a large trade is critical.

·  Concentrate on assets that are traded on the same exchanges. This will assist you in keeping your extracurricular expenses minimal during your trading career.

·  Keeping up with market news and events might assist you in making informed judgments and avoiding mistakes.