Non-Food Benefits Of Gardening To Seniors, Families & Communities—Guide Released

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The Gardening Pal has published a new article titled “10 Benefits of Gardening”. The online educational resource provides practical tips on gardening and lawn care, generators, and outdoor cooking for beginner and experienced gardeners.

Its latest piece discusses the many benefits of gardening, not least of which is having more control over the food one eats. According to the author, gardening can be picked up by anyone looking for a new hobby or a physical activity with minimal physical impact.

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The Gardening Pal said that the activity may contribute to better wellbeing, particularly that of the elderly. It explained that because gardening is challenging enough while still being gentle enough on the body, even seniors can benefit from the activity since they will be required to stretch, move, and walk around.

“In the beginning, gardening was mainly to provide food for consumption. Today, gardening not only provides food but is also a leisure and a hobby for many,” The Gardening Pal said in the article.

The publication also lists the potential benefits of gardening in stress-reduction, social interaction, self-esteem improvement, building practical life skills, climate change mitigation, and more.

Many Americans turned to gardening during the height of the pandemic as they sought activities that can be done while in isolation due to government-mandated lockdowns.

The release of “10 Benefits of Gardening” is timely because the participation rate in gardening shows no sign of letting up, according to the latest findings of the National Gardening Association. Its latest survey found that over a third of households expect a spending increase in lawn and gardening products this year.

The Gardening Pal is owned and operated by Nexus Business Group, LLC. It regularly publishes articles on a variety of topics concerning gardening, greenhouse farming, lawn care, and composting and makes consumer guides on hoses, sprinklers, and other gardening tools.

A spokesperson for the company said, “It’s our goal to provide you with valuable gardening information, buyer’s guides, charts, and products that can help you accomplish your gardening projects. We work very hard behind the scenes to give you the latest information and products that will help with gardening.”

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