Premium Dark Italian-Style Roasts For Pour Over Coffee: Selection Updated

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GoCoffeeGo, an online retailer specializing in gourmet coffee, has announced the restocking of its premium dark Italian-style roasts.

Offering a wide range of specialty blends and single-origin coffees ideal for pour-over brews, GoCoffeeGo is proud to announce more options than ever for customers who enjoy their coffee dark. The coffees on GoCoffeeGo’s online store are available in bag sizes of up to 5 lbs. and can be bought in bulk.

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The update to GoCoffeeGo’s inventory sheds light on the intricacies of the roasting process and how it can affect the flavor of the beverage it produces. An Italian roast is coffee made from beans that have been roasted until they are nearly black, and some retailers may use this type of roast to mask low-quality beans. However, GoCoffeeGo eliminates this problem by exclusively sourcing premium products from award-winning vendors, ensuring top-quality coffee regardless of the roast.

One of GoCoffeeGo’s classic choices is the Italian Roast Blend. As an old-world Vienna roast, this medium-dark blend yields a smooth, full-bodied, and aromatic beverage. Klatch Coffee, the provider of this blend, is a strong believer in ethical coffee, and this is reflected by the environmentally and socially responsible farmers that they source their beans from.

For another sustainable choice, GoCoffeeGo offers Red Bay Coffee Roasters’ East Fourteenth, a rich dark roast with notes of blackberry, dark chocolate, and dates. The beans used for this coffee are cultivated by Sweet Unity Farms, a cooperative of small, family-owned farms. Red Bay Coffee Roasters is known for its direct-trade coffee, and their East Fourteenth is no exception.

Customers looking for decaf options can purchase Dallis Bros. Coffee’s Decaf SWP Red Den Blend, a certified fair-trade organic blend with a creamy body and hints of mesquite, dark caramel, and brown sugar. As an FTO coffee that is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, no chemicals are used at any point during production, allowing the beverage to retain the depth of its flavor.

With many other coffees of varying origins and roast types available, GoCoffeeGo continues to provide its customers with a diverse selection of gourmet coffee. The company was founded in 2008 by coffee connoisseurs Elise Papazian and Scott Pritikin, with the mission of making rare and exotic coffee easily accessible to anyone.

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