Toronto Laser Hair & Tattoo Removal Course, Aesthetics Career Training Updated

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The Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy (647-247-2481) in Toronto has several updated hybrid courses that offer complete training for laser hair and tattoo removal, microblading, and up to a dozen other common medical aesthetic procedures, with most of the learning done at home.

Students attending the new hybrid courses at the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy will be able to choose between 3 updated classes to gain their certification in a wide range of medical aesthetic procedures, including body sculpting, laser hair removal, and acne treatments.

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The Dermysk Academy offers classes ranging from Basic to Master’s level, as well as several courses that are restricted to professional doctors and nurses. While some new students have been able to skip directly to the Master’s level class, the most commonly registered for class is the updated Basic training, which only requires either a high school diploma or relevant job experience.

This Basic training course includes everything new students need to become certified as a medical aesthetician in Canada, including an overview of the industry, safety regulations, and legal concerns. This first course also allows students to get hands-on experience and certification in up to a dozen common aesthetician techniques, including dermaplaning, microblading, and radiofrequency rejuvenation.

With the new hybrid learning model, students can complete the majority of their training at their own pace, from home. The online modules can be accessed and worked on at any time, including after work hours or overnight, though they must be completed before students begin their hands-on training at the Academy.

During their practical training, which lasts for one week with the Basic course, students will be able to work with medical aesthetic tools and clients, to get hands-on experience while supervised by a Dermysk specialist. At the end of this training, they will be experienced, knowledgeable, and certified to complete all the procedures included in their chosen course.

After completing the Basic course, students may choose to begin a new career in medical aesthetics or to continue their training using the Dermysk Academy’s Advanced course. This course requires at least 5 years of industry experience or graduation from the Basic program.

Students may also choose to enroll directly in the Master level training, which includes all the content covered in both the Basic and Advanced course, as well as several specialty skills. This course is the only program from the Academy that offers a Master of Medical Aesthetics certification, and the teaching staff reserves the right to limit participation in this class to select, dedicated students.

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