Queens, NYC PASC Holistic Treatment: Long COVID Symptom Relief Therapy Updated

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Patients Medical (212-794-8800) has announced an expanded range of treatment options for PASC, or long COVID, available to residents of Queens.

Post-Acute Sequelae SARS-CoV-2 Infection (PASC), commonly referred to as long COVID, is a term used to describe a condition that afflicts patients two to four weeks after they have recovered from their initial COVID-19 infection. The most common symptoms include difficulty breathing, persistent cough, brain fog, and chronic fatigue. With their recent update, Patients Medical offers immune system support for COVID long-haulers, which has been shown to minimize the severity and duration of the PASC.

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The holistic wellness clinic’s new update coincides with an article released by Yale Medicine about the root causes of long COVID. According to the report, long COVID might be caused by reparative changes in the organs, viral residue, and an exaggerated immune response. Since the exact cause varies widely, treatment for PASC cannot be standardized and must be dependent on each patient’s symptoms, making the identification and understanding of long COVID more challenging than other diseases.

At Patients Medical, PASC treatment integrates physical and psychological therapy with alternative treatments that strengthen the immune system. Physical therapy is suggested for patients with breathing problems and joint pain because it slowly improves lung capacity and loosens tight muscles and ligaments. Oxygen therapy is also recommended to alleviate shortness of breath, dizziness, and chronic fatigue.

For patients suffering from depression and anxiety, which can cause poor sleep quality and lowered immunity, the wellness clinic prescribes cognitive behavioral therapy. Vitamin D and B12 are also recommended, as studies have shown these vitamins to be effective in naturally boosting dopamine levels.

About the Clinic

Patients Medical’s holistic approach is based on finding the root cause of the patient’s issues and treating them with a combination of conventional and alternative therapies like herbal remedies, acupuncture, homeopathy, and massage therapy. Their team of board-certified doctors and nutritionists, with decades of experience in integrative and functional medicine, collaborate to create a unique treatment plan for each patient.

“It’s important to note that functional medicine is a personalized approach to healthcare and that the specific treatments used may vary depending on the individual’s symptoms and overall health status,” a representative said.

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