Virtual Reality Software Safety Training For High Stress Situations: 2023 Update

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Sequel MV has revised their range of experiential content and technology services for 2023, with interactive solutions aimed at businesses and organizations that need custom safety training protocols for employees in high-stress situations.

Drawing on the latest advances in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR), the updated services use virtual world-building and gamified learning experiences to convey crucial safety training knowledge for employees across industries.

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Sequel MV now offers businesses the opportunity to collaborate closely in creating immersive interactive programs that can be crucial for the implementation of employee safety protocols in varied situations, such as the use of toxic chemicals in the workplace.

According to the NIH, the use of virtual reality in training programs improved learning retention in 74% of academic studies. Trainees who went through VR training demonstrated an 80% improvement in retention, as well as an overall training time that was four times faster than trainees who used conventional training methods. With the immersive VR simulated training solutions from Sequel MV, employers can offer staff a high standard of safety instruction, while using technological innovations to enhance learning. “We enjoy creative flair and designing visuals that inspire,” says a company spokesperson.

Collaboration is a key element of the training program design process, and the team at Sequel MV works with business owners to ensure that all crucial elements of learning how to manage high-stress situations are included in the training solutions. Aspects of an interactive VR training program may include asking employees to identify important pieces of safety equipment or navigate a simulated space.

In addition to customized safety training protocols for high stress workplace scenarios, the company offers VR, AR, and MR opportunities for other types of training, such as on-boarding procedures and professional development.

The company also collaborates with businesses to create experiential marketing content, such as product launches with augmented reality, video solutions for sales, marketing and training, product and lifestyle photography, and virtual world-building.

With strategic solution designs to fit the needs of any organization, Sequel MV has partnered with many household names, including Firestone, Bridgestone, Terminix, Elevate, and others. A representative says, “To grow your business we use the same tactics from our work with Fortune 500 brands to increase awareness, generate leads, and build an automatic system for scaling these strategies.”

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